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Giants comp pick update: None this year, but perhaps one in 2023

Loss of Evan Engram qualifies Giants for a 2023 compensatory pick

NFL: APR 27 2018 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL announced compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL Draft on Tuesday, and the New York Giants were not awarded any. As of now, the Giants qualify for a 2023 fifth-round compensatory pick for losing Evan Engram to the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency.

The NFL awards 32 compensatory picks each year based off a complex formula involving free agents signed and lost. Those picks come between the ends of Rounds 3 and 7.

Last offseason, the only free agent the Giants lost who qualified for a compensatory pick was defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson. The signing of wide receiver Kenny Golladay cancelled that out.

This offseason, Over The Cap shows the Giants will be losing at least three players who qualify for compensation — Engram, Austin Johnson and Keion Crossen. The signings of Mark Glowinski and Tyrod Taylor will cancel out the losses of Johnson and Crossen. At this point, the Giants seem unlikely to do anything that will cancel the compensatory pick they would qualify for by losing Engram.

The 2023 compensatory picks, of course, won’t officially be announced until shortly before the 2023 NFL Draft.