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Laura Young first woman to join Giants’ coaching staff

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Laura Young will by all accounts become the first woman to become part of the New York Giants coaching staff, per published reports. The Giants on Wednesday named Young, who had been working with the Buffalo Bills, to a newly-created position called director of coaching operations.

Young had been working for the Buffalo Bills since 2015. Since 2017, she has been coordinator of player services.

In that role, Young played a key role in helping the Bills safely navigate the pandemic. from a story on the Bills web site:

“[Barb] Evans and Laura Young were two women who played key roles in making sure the Bills had a safe season. Young is the coordinator of player services in a normal year and works with players and their families in the transition to Buffalo along with assisting the player development team in the daily needs for players. She continued to do that last season and, like many others, added many responsibilities having to do with the pandemic to her plate. This all ramped up when players showed up for training camp in late July. ...

It wasn’t a simple task overseeing and scheduling the testing of more than 200 people a day for more than six months. Young was able to do that and manage those who were coming in and out of town for games.

“Nobody works harder than Laura,” Evans shared. “We needed somebody like that in this role and she exemplifies a tremendous work ethic. She will do anything necessary and put in any amount of effort to getting the job done.

“On rainy, cold, windy days Laura’s standing out at the testing trailer making sure that guys are pulling in and know where to go. The guys who needed to do a rapid test for whatever reason, Laura’s out there making sure she gets the results immediately and can communicate them. I am grateful we had an amazing team that worked together this season, and Laura was a big part of that.”