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Giants 2022 free agency: LS Casey Kreiter

Long-snapper has barely been noticed for two seasons, and that’s a good thing

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Casey Kreiter
Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, Casey Kreiter has been the New York Giants’ long snapper for the past two seasons. Should the 32-year-old Kreiter continue in that role in 2022?


Age: 32
Position: Long snapper
2021 salary cap hit: $850,000

Making the case

If you didn’t know Kreiter’s name, that’s probably a good thing. That means he has done his job for the Giants over the past two seasons, not giving you any real reason to notice him.

There are really two things an NFL team needs in a long snapper. They need a player who does his job well — meaning no one outside the team ever actually notices him. Secondly, teams need a player who isn’t going to cost much money. In a salary-cap league, it makes no sense to overpay a long snapper.

Kreiter qualifies on both counts. From where I sit, there is no reason for the Giants to create a question mark where there hasn’t been one. Bring Kreiter back on a deal at or close to the veteran minimum and be done with it. Don’t create an issue.