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Giants 2022 free agency: QB Mike Glennon

Goodbye, and good riddance

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
Mike Glennon
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon has had a nice NFL ride. Since entering the league in 2013 he has made $29.424 million for 40 games of bad quarterback play over nine seasons.

Glennon is a nice guy who is willing to quietly accept his role, and he has a tantalizing enough arm that teams keep thinking maybe they can tap into it. He took the New York Giants for that ride last season, earning $1.375 million while losing his four starts, completing 53.9 percent of his passes, throwing 10 interceptions to 4 touchdown passes, and getting benched for a guy who had been with the team a month and had never played an NFL down.


Age: 33
Position: Quarterback
2021 salary cap hit: $1.375 million

Making the case

No offense to Glennon intended, though I’m sure some might be taken, but no NFL team should want to see Glennon taking snaps is games that count in the NFL standings.

It was a mystery why the Giants jettisoned Colt McCoy after the 2020 season and signed Glennon. He certainly did not reward the Giants’ faith.

Things got to a point where the Giants were seemingly afraid to let him throw the ball. He threw just an embarrassing 11 times, completing 4 for 24 yards, in a 26-point Week 17 loss to the Chicago Bears. An injury kept him out of the season finale.

The Giants have already added Davis Webb to their quarterback depth chart, and figure to aggressively look for an upgrade as the No. 2 behind Daniel Jones.

The Mike Glennon Experience figures to be one-and-done in New York.