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Giants make hires of Mike Kafka, Wink Martindale, Thomas McGaughey official

Head coach Brian Daboll building experienced coaching staff

Image via Giants PR

The New York Giants on Friday made the hirings of their three coordinators — Mike Kafka on offense, Wink Martindale on defense and Thomas McGaughey on special teams — official.

“What we were looking for was intelligence, good communicators, good teachers that understood and were experts in their respective areas, and good teammates,” new head coach Brian Daboll said. “I’ve known them, but I wouldn’t say a relationship. I’ve known them throughout the years just being in the league.”

Kafka, 34, spent the previous five seasons as an assistant coach on Andy Reid’s staff with the Kansas City Chiefs, the last two as the team’s quarterbacks coach and pass game coordinator.

“Mike obviously comes from (Chiefs coach) Andy Reid and a good system at Kansas City,” Daboll said “He was part of a winning program and culture. He did a great job in helping Patrick Mahomes develop. Played the position. Very smart, very thorough, very level-headed and a good teammate.”

Will the Giants’ offense be Kafka’s system, or Daboll’s?

“I think everything we do on offense will be a collaboration,” Daboll said. “We have a lot of work in front of us, and we look forward to building the New York Giants offense.”

Martindale, 58, is a 35-year coaching veteran, including 17 in the NFL. He spent the previous 10 seasons on the Baltimore Ravens’ coaching staff, the last four as defensive coordinator. He joined the team in 2012, the season Baltimore won Super Bowl XLVII. Martindale was also the Denver Broncos’ defensive coordinator in 2010.

“Wink is a very good communicator, has a good personality, is energetic and very passionate about the way his defense needs to play,” Daboll said. “Another good teammate.”

McGaughey, 48, is entering his fifth season as the Giants’ special teams coordinator. He was also the team’s assistant special teams coach from 2007-2010. Daboll will be the fourth Giants coach for whom he has worked, following Tom Coughlin, Pat Shurmur and Judge.

McGaughey has also been a coordinator for the Jets, San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers.

“I was very impressed with T-Mac’s overall knowledge of the kicking game and the things that we need to do to execute in that part of the game,” Daboll said. “He’s had a lot of experience, good evaluator and I would just say the same thing that I said about Mike and Wink – good communicator, detailed and a good teammate.”