Is now the time to decide on Daniel Jones?

Personally I’d like to keep Daniel Jones but thank god for all of us it’s not up to me to make GM decisions.

Right now SF seems like the perfect place for him. Considering how low their draft picks are, this might make sense to them in both the long term and short term. I think DJ has shown as much guts as any other QB in the league. Every time he entered a game I used to think he was gonna get killed back there. Yet he kept his head, he’s improved and now has experience to build on. Nevertheless if we’re gonna consider letting him go I don’t think anyone would have more to gain than SF. In fact I’d be surprised if we don’t wind up in a bidding war with them in the off-season.

Considering their draft position we would need to get both multiple 1st round picks and some players to make it work for us. We may be in a position where we can’t afford to wait till the off season to decide on him when we might be left with nothing but a backup QB.

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