Would you rather a play be Jones or Barkley centric ?

Those are essentially the two choices Kafka has limited us to. In the months of November and December, I don't think it's even been close.

For whatever reason, Barkley's 120 plus touches since Jacksonville have been for the most part poor to mediocre. In fact, I would say that unless the '85 Bears are you defense it would be very hard to win with this current rendition of Barkley as the centerpiece of your offense.

I am at a complete loss as to all the Jones bashing out there. I feel it's some sort of lazy prejudice - a pre judgement based upon long held and deeply embedded assessments from the past.

I predict this " gotta get Barkley going thing " is going to fade after the first Eagles game. IMO Jones, given the chance can lead the Giants to victory in every non Philly game left on the docket. ( Minnny's pass defense is very weak )

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