2023 Off-season Needs

The Giants have $59 million in cap space in 2023. Cutting Golladay gets them to $65 Million. Signing Jones and Barkley will chew up at least half that. That leaves about $22 Million after setting aside $10 million in the rainy day fund. That doesn’t stretch very far. Schoen also has 11 draft picks, but the surplus is late round.

There are glaring holes up and down the roster.

OG, OC, WR (x3), ILB (x2), CB (x2). The Giants are playing replacement level players at all of these positions. There’s not enough cap room and draft capital to fix half of this.

the Glowinski signing is a killer. The Giants have $7.75 million committed in 2023, and cutting him incurs a $900,000 additional cap hit.

The number one place to fix is the interior offensive line. The Giants don’t throw downfield for a reason, and "the book" on stopping the Giants is to stop Barkley and Jones running the ball. Play press man to stop the short passes, and commit the rest of the defense to shutting down the run. Interior pressure will take care of the passing game.

Defenses have also solved Jones on zone reads and bootlegs - keep the edges wide, and bring them upfield.

Investing in receivers is important, but if Jones is running for his life, putting 2 all-Pros at WR isn’t going to change a damn thing.

Barkley is a stud, but is it in the Giants best interest to spend $11 Million on a franchise tag? That money can be spent on 2 good players at positions of need. Maybe a sign and trade?

This team isn’t going to be fixed until at least 2024.

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