Glowinski is Schoen’s First Bad Contract

Let’s talk performance first. So far this season, Glowinski is scoring 64.7 run blocking and 53.6 pass blocking. The Run Blocking grade is a C-, Pass Blocking is an F.

Before the game with DC (which was another stinker) on the season:

3 Sacks

3 QBs Hits

18 Hurries

24 Pressures

This is replacement level performance.

I know a thing or 2 about offensive line play, and Glowinski’s pass sets are awful. For the uninformed, a pass set is the initial first steps out of your stance. This is basic stuff that’s practiced every day. Bad footwork, bad posture, slow off the snap. There are plays where Glowinski flat-out whiffs.

Here’s the bigger issue - Glowinski’s contract. He counts $7,750,000 against the cap in 2023, and if the Giants cut him before June 1, the Giants don’t save a penny against the cap. In fact, dead money would cost the Giants $900,000 more than keeping him.

There’s a saying among NFL personnel men: they can find offensive Guards at the supermarket. Well, maybe not. Maybe the supermarkets can find help at the deli counter in the Giants locker room.

If anyone is wondering why the Giants don’t throw downfield, how about these other pass blocking grades:

Feliciano: 59.6

Ezeudu: 45.9

Bredeson: 53.2

Anderson: 52.5

Gates: 58.3

Lemieux: 0.0

With grades like this, there’s guaranteed to be a serious protection breakdown on virtually every dropback.

If you watch the games, how many times do the Giants run pure dropback - no play action, no RPO? A handful. This is out of necessity.

Anyone who thinks that DJ isn’t performing at a very high level is out of their minds. The receiving group is actually worse than the offensive line, if that’s possible, to state the obvious. The receivers can’t separate, and the Giants have by far, the worst drop rate in the league.

Here’s DJ’s world

  • Abominable pass protection at both Guards and. center.
  • A prize rookie at RT learning on the job.
  • A receiver room full of guys that aren’t good enough to make any other roster. They will all be out of the league next year.

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