Tell Me Who, Who's Beating You

The AFC BEast is 15 - 4 against the rest of the AFC, showing up even the NFC BEast's 14 - 6 versus the NFC. The NFC East is scarier against the AFC, 12 - 1 (and the Cowboys have 4 games remaining against the AFC South).

The schizo AFC North is 6 - 12 against the AFC while spanking the NFC S at 10 - 1 and going 0 - 3 v. the NFC E.

The AFC South is an almost respectable 8 - 11 against the AFC while rolling over at 2 - 10 against the NFC.

Likewise, the NFC South is at 7 - 9 within the NFC while being a paltry 3 - 12 against the AFC.

The AFC West and NFC West have disappointed across the board, but the MASH unit Rams still have three to play against the AFC W to help make them look good.

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