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How good would Justin Jefferson look in a Giants uniform?

Jefferson feels like the easy answer to today’s Big Blue View community question.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

As the Giants prepare to take on the Vikings this week, we’ve got a burning question for the Big Blue View community: Which Vikings player would you like to add to the Giants’ roster?

We’re interested in seeing everyone’s thoughts on this one, but for me, the answer is clearly Justin Jefferson. Jefferson has 1,623 receiving yards and seven touchdowns on the season so far in 2022, and those receiving yards include circus catches like this one.

Even Brian Daboll seems like a bit of a Justin Jefferson fan. Here’s what he had to say about Jefferson on Wednesday.

“One, he’s extremely talented. He’s got good quickness, good body control, can run any route. They line him up all over the place,” Daboll said. “I think they do a great job with him. He’s hard to cover in man. He’s got great awareness in zone. He’s good after the catch. He can make contested catches. He’s a problem.”

And as far as his route running:

“And he can run anything you ask him to run,” Daboll said. “It’s hard to read him because he’s so good at the top of the route with his body control, his eyes, his head. He’s really good.”

There are obviously other good players on the Vikings roster, but Jefferson stands out as a special talent.

What do you think? Weigh in below with your pick for a Vikings player you’d love to see on the Giants’ roster.