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Giants’ PFF scores, snap counts from loss to Philadelphia Eagles

What can we learn from the grades and snap counts?

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

How did Pro Football Focus grade the New York Giants’ lopsided loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday? Well, pretty much like the abysmal performance that it was. Let’s look at the PFF grades.

As usual, snap count data will also be included. I’m not going to belabor the snap counts, though, since the Giants threw up the white flag in the fourth quarter and rested as many starters as they could.

PFF grades


The Giants’ highest-graded offensive player on Sunday was quarterback Daniel Jones at 78.0. I am not surprised. I honestly thought seriously about giving Jones a ‘Kudos’ on Monday morning, but figured the lopsided final score made that somewhat hard to defend.

Jones did everything he could do on Sunday. He completed 18 of 27 passes for 169 yards and a score, and ran for 26 more yards. He never turned the ball over while being sacked four times and being hit or pressured constantly. Jones deserved better, but simply did not have much help.

The worst offensive grade belonged to Evan Neal, a poor 35.7. His pass-blocking was awful, reflected in his 20.2 pass-blocking grade.

Believe it or not, this game was worse overall for Neal than the three-sacks allowed game he had Week 3 vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Neal was charged with allowing a sack, two quarterback hits and eight total pressures in 34 pass-blocking snaps. His pass-blocking efficiency was a season-low 86.4 percent.

A big-time step back for the Giants’ No. 7 overall pick.

The Giants’ pass-blocking wasn’t great from anyone.

  • Andrew Thomas gave up his second sack of the year, and allowed three total pressures for just the second time this season.
  • Left guard Nick Gates had a 66.2 pass-blocking grade, but allowed a sack and three pressures.
  • Jon Feliciano (49.4 overall grade, 51.9 pass blocking). Feliciano allowed a sack and two pressures.


Take these defensive grades however you want, but there really aren’t any standout grades or huge surprises.

Snap counts

Really, the only truly important note was that Saquon Barkley played only 20 snaps. Getting him as much rest as possible with the critical game coming up Sunday against the Washington Commanders was a good idea.