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No deal on the horizon between the Giants and Odell Beckham

OBJ’s future remains up in the air

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There does not appear to be a deal in the making between the New York Giants and free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, per a report from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Or between OBJ and any other team, for that matter.

Odell Beckham’s return to health and free agency tour has been one of the most pervasive storylines around the NFL for the past couple weeks. As has been heavily detailed, Beckham wants a contract before the 2022 season is up. He scheduled visits with the Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills after the Thanksgiving holiday, but it appears as though all three want more information before committing to a contract.

While Rapoport reports that all three teams are confident in Beckham’s rehab, he hasn’t gone through a full workout for them. Likewise, the teams aren’t confident that Beckham is ready to play 10 months removed from his second torn ACL since Oct. 25 of 2020.

There’s a fairy tale quality to the narrative of Beckham returning to the franchise that drafted him and the city where he made his meteoric rise to superstardom — just as that franchise is in need of a player of his caliber. But for now it seems there’s no more clarity on where Beckham will land than before Thanksgiving, nor is there much in the way of clarity on what his long-term future will hold. He has said that he wants stability and a long-term commitment (which makes sense as a new father).

However, he may have settle for a short-term contract this year, or even sit 2022 out entirely and sign his next contract with a team that isn’t the Giants, Cowboys, or Bills in the 2023 free agency period.

Or, perhaps, Beckham may yet end his career where he started it — as a New York Football Giant.