Brugler has the wrong LB for the Giants 1st pick

I just saw yet one more mock and as we all know the draft NEVER ends up being close to what is forecasted. One of the biggest flaws right now is the Giants picking at #24. Fact is that they will more likely be picking somewhere in the teens.
If the Giants do indeed take a 1st RD LB, it has to be Iowa's Jack Campbell. He covers receivers as well as he rushes the passer (Both Outstanding) He sets the edge when needed but really excels and leads from the MLB position. He's a really smart guy who goes over, around or through everyone in his way when on his way to blasting ball carriers. Wink would instantly fall in love with this guy's game and I wouldn't be shocked to see him get the green dot immediately.

If they go CB, I would love to see them grab Joey Porter Jr. He's Big, Strong, Fast, Smart and will be a quick Pro Bowler.

My TE choice has to be Michael Mayer. This kid is a BEAST and will help the Run game as much as the Passing game.

O-Line one of my favorites is Peter Skoronski from Northwestern. He just might be better than his old teammate, Slater.

Some of the other players that I like and who are presently FA's Maxx Williams TE on the Arizona PS, Michael Minet C, I believe that he may be in Canada right now. Even though he was a 3 year starter he wasn't quite ready coming out of Penn State. He would certainly be worth a futures contract, With a bit of coaching, I see him as a Nick Gates type. Assuming that they don't sign Odell and I have mixed feelings about that even though I would be ecstatic if they did, I would also be interested in WR Will Fuller V.

That's it for now Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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