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Run, Daniel, run! Giants hope to get more from QB Daniel Jones as a runner

Much like Saquon Barkley, Jones has found the going tougher on the ground in recent weeks

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We talked earlier this week about the need for the New York Giants to get Saquon Barkley going in the run game. That is absolutely the case. There is, though another element of the rushing attack that has been missing in recent weeks — the ability to rely on the quarterback run game.

Over the first seven games of the season, Daniel Jones carried 58 times for 343 yards. That averages out to 8.3 carries, per game, 5.9 yards per attempt, and 49.0 yards per game.

Over the past four games, following an 11-carry, 107-yard game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jones’ pace has slowed.

In that time he has 21 carries for 108 yards. That’s 5.2 carries and 27.0 yards per game, and 5.1 yards per rushing attempt.

“I think defenses have done a good job of defending that,” said offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. “When we look at the schemes of how we get DJ on the perimeter, some teams might play the defensive end just a little bit different so that they take away the QB run if that’s being effective. We got to be flexible and create complements off of those things. That’s where we’re at right now within the season is what are we doing really well, how can we build complements off those things? And then we have to go and execute it.”

Jones is fifth among quarterbacks with 451 rushing yards. Kafka knows the Giants need more from the quarterback portion of the run game down the stretch.

“Sure, it helps. It’s part of every game plan,” Kafka said. “Being multiple with the run schemes, being able to use the backs, being able to use DJ out in space on a couple of different things. It’s something we look at every single week.”

This tweet from Dan Duggan sums up what the Giants need from Jones vs. Washington: