A few observation/ opinions for the last 6 games

1) Nick Gates has got to be the Center.

2) A healthy Evan Neal playing alongside RG Glowinski with Bredeson back at LG must is a must.

3) Get used to and start appreciating him because even though he won't get anywhere near top money Daniel Jones will be resigned and isn't going anywhere.

4) Barkley will and should be franchised next year.

5) Having Beckham back would be a great story and he may even be a huge temporary plus, but he would cost Way Too Much In the end, he would just be in the way and probably slow the development of the 2 higher round WR's that they will no doubt be drafting.

6) They will need to draft a Tight End, I would love to see that choice be Michael Mayer the Notre Dame kid who I see as a (Dare We All Dream) possible redo of Bavaro.

7) I would love to see Olujari come back at full steam this week paired with Thibs, Leo and Dex to make Henke's life miserable.

8) Playing without Jackson will be tough. Playing without McKinney is completely unnecessary. He should feel like a fool. You live and you learn but his actions were irresponsible and hurtful to many others.

9) Dabs and Schoen are Gold!

That's it for now Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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