Flip this Switch !!

I don't get it.

I think we have a group of wildly underrated starting receivers :

Darius Slayton : Fast, resilient, productive ( PFF 75 / 11 yards per target ) having an excellent season.

Isaiah Hodgins : 2020's Top college football red zone receiver in the country, 12 targets 12 receptions, 9 TD's. This year he has 14 targets 12 receptions 10 yards per target. PFF 72 ( 2 or 3 of his best catches have been called back because of penalties )

Daniel Bellinger ( coming back next week ) 17 targets 16 receptions PFF 75.

A balanced complimentary trio : A speedster who can stretch the defense ( when given the chance ), a tall sticky fingered possession receiver / red zone target, and a very solid security blanket.

Everybody's obsessed with our QB channeling Eli Manning's screen passes ..... throwing a couple of poor and awkward passes against Dallas, but nobody mentions his two long balls in the first half that were both on the money. Daniel Jones is the 10th ranked QB by ESPN, yes that includes runs but they've been a big part of what happens when he drops back/ rolls out.

The OL is looking healthy for next week. Let this team play balanced football. This coaching staff has been aspirational and sensational - but for four straight weeks our offense has largely been conservative, predictable and ineffective - to what end ? It's not working. When we've been unpredictable like the opening drives against Jacksonville and Dallas it's worked really well, but they seem to be fleeting glimpses.

In 2020 Daniel Jones was the NFL's top rated passer on throws over 20 yards by NextGen stats with a 134.3 rating. Now, he should be even better, buying time with much improved skills throwing on the move, along with the play of Thomas and Gates, plus Neal / Brederson getting back on the field

I disagree with all this everything has to go perfectly for us to win talk. Playing football in a frightened shell isn't working now. Yes, the injuries have been hindering, but the've also allowed some excellent players to show what they've got such as Ximenes, Moreau, Hodgins, and others.

Let the offense play with some swagger. ( we certainly take a few chances on defense ). The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - what's to lose ? It's all house money at this point.

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