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NFL Week 12 picks, predictions: Can Giants rebound against Dallas Cowboys?

Let’s see how the Big Blue View staff sees the Week 12 NFL schedule

NFL: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

How does the Big Blue View staff think the New York Giants fare Thursday afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys? Let’s look at the NFL Week 12 picks to find out.

Chris Pflum

“The Giants can win this game. But it would take a perfect performance and something like a career game from Saquon Barkley. Realistically, Dallas has too much on offense for the Giants to keep pace and their defense is built to feast on stressed offenses. Sunday’s game against the Lions could prove very costly.”

Pick: Cowboys

Jeremy Portnoy

“I’m not ringing the alarm bells after the Giants’ poor performance against Detroit. It was one game. But even at their best, the Giants have never looked ready to compete with a Dallas team that has only gotten better since beating New York in Week 3. Losing Adoree’ Jackson to injury is going to be huge, so I’ll be watching for the Giants’ ability to contain CeeDee Lamb. He’s the first in an intimidating upcoming stretch of No. 1 receivers.”

Pick: Cowboys

Tony DelGenio

“Into the valley of death rode the 53 (if the Giants can manage to field that many players on Thursday). CeeDee Lamb to the right of them. Michael Gallup to the left of them. Tony Pollard in front of them. The Giants’ offense (with who knows starting on the OL and at WR) not to make reply to DeMarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die. When can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made (in the first half of the season)! But the Giants lose their second in a row. Hopefully they will make it out of Dallas with more healthy players than the Light Brigade was able to.”

Pick: Cowboys

Valentine’s View

“The circumstances make this a difficult game for the Giants. They are coming off their worst performance of the season, and injuries could leave them short-handed at cornerback, wide receiver and on the offensive line. The Giants’ coaching staff has done a fantastic job getting the most out of a limited roster this season, but this is a huge ask.”