The Turf, the Parks and Other Things

So there's a study from Biocore LLC that tracks injury rates for the different turf types, perhaps brands. The NFLPA got a hold of at least one nugget from that study and it took all of a day or two for the NFL to fire back with one piece of info that countered the union's claims.

There was a study from 2018 about brands of cleats and their effectiveness with the assortment of turf types and grass used by teams. All footwear got a passing grade, as inevitable as the NFL finding that every team's turf always meets the league's standards.

If I were an owner who bought new turf in 2020 and was researching replacement turf for 2023 I would be mightily upset knowing that there were studies I paid for that would have allowed me to make an informed decision that I was never privy to. The league has committees for all sorts of things. If the end result is hiding what they've learned, maybe just doing further research instead of acting on what is found out, shame on everyone involved.

By the way, New Orleans replaced their slit-film turf in 2022 with monofilament turf. Coincidence, due diligence or just dumb luck?

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