5.5 YPC games 1-5 / 3.6 YPC games 6-10

These numbers are stunning - matching the eye test with statistical evidence. I really hope John Mara doesn't attempt to strong arm Schoen when it comes time to make a decision on Saquon Barkley. I don't care whether it's Barkley wearing down, the defenses making adjustments, the OL regressing, or any combination of the above ... it's clear he can be neutralized. Any type of big multi year deal with a high guarantee would be a travesty when a modest franchise tag is available as an option

Barkley was the poster child for a stretch of games which if it were to continue would rival the '69 Mets in New York sports lore.

Daniel Jones average QBR has actually improved in the second half from 55 in weeks 1-5 to 60 in weeks 6 - 10.They both have the same struggling OL issues to contend with and Jones seems to be less effected in both running and passing.

This will be a fascinating off season, but if these two trends continue it should make difficult decisions easier for our GM.

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