Natural Grass 4 Life lol

Mr. Mara,

If you replace this garbage synthetic turf field with another turf field instead of natural grass I will never watch another Giants game. I was at the Giants Monday night game vs. Dallas, you could clearly see the seam in the endzone. I would have been embarrassed if I was you. My football field looks like a bad carpet job in some middling company? Thought you were a billionaire and this an NFL franchise? Cortland State has a better set up...

Add in that you watched it just eat up Wan'Dale Robinson's knee on the sideline. How many other players before him? There is no give, without give in the field the leg comes to an unnatural stop which leads to hyperextensions which leads to shreddings of ligaments and muscles. OBJ should not sign here because of your field. He can not risk the remainder of his career on your trash.


Life Long Giants Fan

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