Beckham and more

Alright, Odell says he's coming in for a visit after Thanksgiving and I'm fine, even very happy with that. But I don't see him signing anything more than a 5 or 6 game trial run type rental agreement. If he does well and fits in the 2 sides can go at it for a new three, possibly even a four year deal after the season. Now that he's been around and grown up a bit, if he's healthy with his toughness and insane athletic ability he can bring both performance and leadership to help this team take the next step. Having OBJ should help the QB's development and make Daniel Jones a better player. His presence in virtually any of the wideout sets also eliminates the 7 and 8 man fronts that the Giants so often face and therefore opens up some running lanes for Saquon that otherwise just wouldn't be there.

Having said this, I don't think they can break the bank for him, but Odell knows that it was Very Hard for Mara to sign off on his trade and that as a NY Giant there are tons of outside cash opportunities just waiting for him once he comes home. Even if he does sign, I still like what Slayton has done, I'm thinking that they might have found what Gollaway was supposed to be in Isaiah Hodgins and don't make the mistake of quitting on Shep. After the season there will be some under used or under appreciated FA WR's to look at and come draft time, I will be expecting them to draft 2. I would like to see one of the choices come from trading up the 3rd (KC's)and 5th round (For Engram) comp picks they will have for a 2nd rounder and grabbing one of the higher rated WR's.

With good health and continued development, the O-Line is starting to turn into a pleasant surprise. Saquon and Odell have to like that and Thank God they will be putting down a new surface at that God Awful waste of 1.2 Billion Dollars that they were dumb enough to share with the Jets Give Me GIANTS STADIUM ANYTIME!

Finally Today is the day that they crack the 30 point barrier and beat Detroit. Final Score Giants 30 Detroit 20

Have a good one guys and Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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