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Giants news, 11/19: Brian Daboll says Giants are not talking about playoffs

New York Giants headlines for Saturday

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Brian Daboll: We’re not looking at the standings

The Giants are both one game out of first place in the NFC East and one game from the best record in the NFC. Where the Giants are in the standings is not a subject Daboll will broach with players.

“I’m sure they realize it, but that’s not something… We don’t talk about it when we were 0-0, when we were in third place. Again, we’re at the halfway point or a little bit past the halfway point of a long race,” Daboll said. “I think you just keep on running, get ready for the next game, and play that game. The minute you start thinking about other things or what’s going to happen three weeks from now, it just doesn’t do anybody any good, particularly the team.”

Other Giant observations

The making of a star: How Giants’ Andrew Thomas morphed from ‘bust’ into potential All-Pro | The Athletic

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Thomas said of his “embarrassing” rookie season. “What I went through made me the player I am today.”

Giants might need more from Daniel Jones to beat high-scoring Lions |

Seems like we covered this topic here at Big Blue View recently.

Kenny Golladay 'ready for whatever' Giants role he has on Sunday | New York Post

“I never think less of myself at all,” Golladay said. “I still feel like I can do those type of things. Making opportunities count when they come to you, that’s what it boils down to. You always want to go out there and make up for the mistake you had last time.”

Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams driving Giants' defense | New York Post

“The word is dominant: They are both dominant in their own way,” said defensive tackle Justin Ellis, who spent five years with the Raiders and three with the Ravens. “Dex is a big guy who can move, and you feel like he can’t be blocked. Leo is very skilled. I agree with Wink: On the teams I’ve been around, they for sure are the best tandem.”

Joe Judge had final Daniel Jones message after Giants firing | New York Post

“He gets fired, everyone’s so happy, doing flips, and I do this thing where I’ll cal the coach or text him and be like ‘Hey, if there’s anything I can do,’” Schrager said. “I can’t do sh-t, ‘If there’s anything I can do, put in a good word with another team…’ They don’t need my help, but it’s a gesture.

“He calls me right away and he goes, ‘Here’s what you can do’ — I love this about Joe Judge and Giants fans might be ready to run through a wall for this — ‘This is what you can do. Next time you or your co-hosts want to sh-t all over Daniel Jones, or say that they know Jones is terrible, or this or that, know that Daniel Jones is tough as sh-t, comes prepared, and I would run through a brick wall for that guy.’”

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