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Giants vs. Texans: 5 questions with Battle Red Blog

Let’s learn more about Sunday’s opponent

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans
Houston coach Lovie Smith
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The New York Giants face the Houston Texans on Sunday, a team Giants fans may not be familiar with. Cory De La Guardia of SB Nation’s Battle Red Blog helps us out in this week’s ‘5 questions.’

Ed: What do you make of the Texans? Are they as bad as 1-6-1 would indicate? Do they need to — again — blow things up and start over? Or, are there some positive signs that make you think better days could be coming?

Cory: Are they as bad as their record? There’s an unofficial rule in the NFL, you are what your record is. So yeah, they are this bad, also on our show we’ve talked regularly about how our roster is one of the worst in the league, they don’t need to blow it up because they already have, trading Watson was the first move the second is a roster layered with castaways and short term deals. The future is bright, the rookies are good, and there are more picks ahead.

Ed: What’s the deal with Brandin Cooks? Is it just that his feelings are hurt because he wanted out, and the Texans didn’t grant his wish?

Cory: Pretty much, he’s tired of losing and wants to be on a better team but the took the money and is essentially untradeable. As much as we sing his praises for his consistency in achieving season long goals (6 1,000 yard seasons in 7 years) he isn’t in any sense of NFL stardom a game changer.

Ed: If you could take any player off the Giants’ roster NOT NAMED Saquon Barkley and put him into Houston’s lineup, who would it be? Why?

Cory: You got anybody who knows how to get open? Honestly our receiving corps is a War Crime to NFL rosters and we need anyone who can line up and catch balls and run routes with any kind of professional levels of skill.

Ed: Who are a few few players on the Texans’ roster we might not know much about, but should be aware of?

Cory: The rest of the rookie class not named Dameon Pierce. The rookies that are playing are worth talking about and watching if you like good football players. Kenyon Green, Pitre, Stingley Jr. and now Christian Harris, these are good pieces and they are the thing that gives fans hope in the long term because these were the first picks of this new administration with Lovie Smith as head coach and they show great promise.

Ed: If you were game-planning against the Texans, what are some areas offensively and defensively you would attack?

Cory: How to beat the Texans. Run the ball. On first down, on third down, on fourth and intermediate, on your half of the field or my half of the field, run the ball.