State of the Union

Following are some observations about the current state of the NYG. Offering observations for discussion.

General Manager - Schoen has demonstrated some dexterity in the early part of his tenure. There seemed to be an established process. He generally steered clear of NYG free agents from the previous regime. Some of these guys (Carter, Hernandez) might have proved useful as they signed low FA deals for $2M & $1M respectively. But respect that he wanted to wipe the slate clean. There was no meaningful opportunities in free agency because of the dreadful cap situation but he does seem inclined to be a serious steward of the cap. Early to assess his initial draft but several of the guys are playing and contributing.The next offseason will be important as there will be multiple decisions that will determine the near term future and truly indicate his philosophy and style. DJ & Saquan. Extensions for McKinney and Dexter? How extensions and FA contracts will be structured. We'll know much more by this time next season.

Head Coach - Daboll is simply light years better than Judge. Schematically. Running the sideline. Player relationships, safety, and development. Accountability. Lack of hubris and nonsensical jargon. The Giants have played four games and not once has Daboll run the punt team on and off the field in a pathetic attempt at gamesmanship. He lets the coaches coach and the players play. It's still early in his tenure but seems like he is ready to be a good HC.

Quarterback - DJ has done a very good job. The game plan is modified week to week and he is always prepared. The team looks to him for leadership. He is getting a more intuitive feel for the game and situations. He plays to win and is absent ego. Have seen him throw enough passes in 3+ years to know that he has an NFL caliber arm and understand he is also not Rodgers or Mahomes. But he can make all the throws and will be good if the Giants can get him some receivers so they can actually make the opposing team defend the entire field. Many will not want to hear this but will not be surprised if the Giants sign him to an extension by week 10. During his 1st presser, Schoen said that almost all scouts get the talent right and the true skill is getting the kid right. DJ has the requisite talent to succeed and he is demonstrating true leadership. There seem to be three options if they are inclined to keep him:

1. Let him test FA. This is the most expensive option as there will be completion for his services.

2. Tag him. That is a $31M for 2023 and doesn't provide much opportunity to build the rest of the roster.

3. Sign him to a deal that both parties determine makes good sense. DJ gets solid financial security and the Giants commit to a starting QB that allows them to complete the roster build.

Running Back - Saquan has been playing fantastic football. All the questions about him have been emphatically answered. He runs with discipline and authority. He is a complete back who has carried this team offensively. Saw him stone two blitzers yesterday for good measure. There are too many on this site who remain aggrieved that he was picked # 2 and literally suggest that he be traded for a 3rd round pick. The man played through injuries, even while recovering from major surgery, and was somehow considered a detriment to the team. He's healthy now and all the comments about his poor vision, dancing, being a scatback just need to stop. Hopefully it's clear to everyone that he's just a bit better than Devontae Booker and Wayne Gallman, neither of whom are on an NFL roster this year, much less playing like an MVP candidate.The goal is to win games and both Saquan and DJ are committed to achieve that objective. These are the type players teams should want to retain.

Offensive Line - Andrew Thomas appears to be developing into a star player who is capable of not just playing well but dominating his opponent. Evan Neal is developing and his trajectory has yet to be determined. But he is athletically gifted and appears to have a good work ethic. He is a rookie who is learning on the job much like Thomas did. Hopefully, his learning curve will finally take Marc Columbo off the hook as a convenient scapegoat for AT's initial struggles. Honestly don't know if he is a good coach or not but that was the 1st sign Judge was trolling for scapegoats and might not be HC material.

Feliciano is a placeholder and belongs on an NFL roster but is not a quality starting Center. Glowinski is a higher level placeholder and hopefully picks up his game. Don't know about LG. There are some young players who may prove to be serviceable or better but that remains to be seen.

Tight Ends- Bellinger has been impressive in a Kevin Boss/Bear Pascoe sort of way. Seems to know his assignments, is a capable blocker, and is a good outlet when called upon. The rest of the guys are doing their jobs.

Wide Receivers - Golladay has been a major disappointment. He is slow and his route running does not compensate and help him create separation. There was a school of thought during preseason that he is a vet working at his own pace and would turn it on once real games started. That hasn't happened. Not sure how much is attrition from injuries, bad fit for this offense, or something else. But it's not working and suspect it's not going to happen.

There have been 21 games in K. Toney's career. He's been on the injury report in 16 of those weeks. Of the five weeks he wasn't on the injury report, he left two of those games with injuries. He's an electric talent but he has had injuries to his shoulder, hamstring, ankle, quad, oblique, knee, and thumb.

Robinson is working through a knee injury. He seems like a talented kid and reminds me a bit of Shep when he was a rookie. Talented and plays with enthusiasm. Will be good to get him on the field and see what he can do. Hopefully open up the field a bit for others to operate.

Richie James and David Sills are hard working and reliable players. However, both are limited in what they can do and their current roles exceed their ability levels. Good guys though.

Defensive Line - Leonard Williams is a versatile, rock solid player. Stout against the run and able to create pass pressure. He's not a playmaker and is more of a lower case Justin Tuck. He is highly reliable and you get good effort and contribution every game and every snap. Dexter is thriving in Martindale's defensive scheme. Really like that he is playing inside more so he can plow through iOL's and have a direct line to the QB rather than going against OT's and pushing the pocket. The rest of the guys take up space and occupy blockers, sometimes effectively and sometimes not so much.

Edge - Believe Thibs is going to be very good. He is still very raw, especially for a defense as complicated as Martindale's can be, but the raw talent is there. He is largely learning as he goes but doesn't seem to make repeat mistakes, has a good motor, and lots of ability. Hopeful that he takes off during the 2nd half of the season. Ojulari is also a talented player although don't believe his ceiling is a high as Thibs or that he has the same range of ability. He is also a talented, high energy player. Hopeful that his off season work to add muscle is not going to be problematic and result in a lot of soft tissue injuries.

Ximines has been developing and will hopefully become a solid rotational piece so edge pressure is unrelenting. Glad to see him rebound this year. Ward is a grinder and reminds me of a more demonstrative Kerry Wynn. Solid guy and you don't lose a lot when he is out there.


Crowder contributed yesterday but really not a fan. He makes too many tackles downfield, doesn't wrap well, and yaps too much. He belongs on an NFL roster but gets exposed too much when he is out there. It is not an impressive group and hoping Jaylon Smith will benefit from the chaos and make some plays. He tends to freelance a bit, which can be problematic, but he gives good effort.

Cornerback - Adoree Jackson has played so thus far. He is a much better tackler than I'd given him credit for and his coverage has been solid as well. Robinson is an aggressive player who is strong against the run and still a work in progress as a pass defender. He's a tough guy and hoping he recovers from his injuries and gets the opportunity to get back on the field. Moreau seems like a solid Ross Cockrell type veteran. He'll probably get exposed if he's out there too long, or by top QB's, but he provides good depth.

Holmes is another tough kid. Reminds me a bit of Grant Haley who was solid against the run but struggled in pass defense. Holmes is a willing tackler and pass defender. Remains to be seen if he can improve and become consistent as well. Haven't seen enough of Flott to offer an opinion.

Safety - McKinney is a good player who has a chance to become very good. Doesn't seem to have any weakness in his game and plays with heart. He's been given a lot of responsibility and has responded well. Believe the Giants would do well to try and lock down his contract following this season.

Love is a solid pro. Doesn't have great skills but appears to have good instincts and feel for the game and situation. Might be a younger version of Logan Ryan. Really easy player to root for as he is a quiet grinder. Early returns on Belton look good. He plays hard and seems to understand his job although it is very early in his career.

Special Teams - Gano is terrific. Poised and talented. Gillan has the great nickname and hair, as well as a powerful leg. Hoping he becomes a bit more consistent with his directional kicking .

Summary - The Giants are a much more enjoyable team to watch and they are playing competitive football. Don't believe other teams have really game planned for the Giants, on either side of the ball, for several years. That will be changing. Expecting to see a lot more pressure from opposing defenses and Toney/Robinson need to find the field and contribute. Think the Giants are moving form the checkers part of the schedule into the chess matches. Believe this coaching staff will not be overwhelmed although we all need to acknowledge that the roster still operates with a talent deficit and there are likely going to be some rough periods. But don't believe this group will be deterred. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

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