Not surprising what winning does…..

Interesting numbers through 4 games.


2021 20.75 ppg

2022 19.00 ppg

2021 1536 TYDs (1133 - P, 403 - R)

2022 1328 TYDs (558 - P, 770 - R)

Defense (our opponent's offensive stats)

2021 23.75 ppg

2022 17.75 ppg

2021 1528 TYDs (1037 - P, 491 - R)

2022 1329 TYDs (765 - P, 564 - R)

Just to start off the discussion, offense slightly more productive last year than this year overall. The running game is helped dramatically by having a fully recovered and healthier Barkley and maybe better play calling for the run game. The injuries obviously is hurting the WR group. Will we see the offense ever open up it up this year? I am not sure how Daboll and crew get a good read on DJ’s overall QB skill and acumen if we remain so run dependent.

Defensively the Giants looked to be improved statistically. Is it fools gold though with the cap gun offenses we have been facing, not to mention some questionable coaching by our opponents? Tannehill, Baker, Rush and Fields isn’t very intimidating, but on the bright side outside of Rodgers and Lamar and maybe a recovered Dak no one else really is tha intimidating either.

At the end of day after all of the losing seasons, it doesn’t matter how you win as long as you win. I have more confidence this will be more sustainable than the McAdoo period.

Discuss or not.

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