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VIDEO breakdown: Giants’ defense shows resilience

Let’s look at how the Giants got a pair of critical stops on Sunday

Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Giants had one of their worst overall defensive performances in their 24-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. They surrendered more than 400 yards of offense, 100 yards receiving to tight end Mark Andrews over the middle of the field, and Kenyon Drake rushed for 119 yards against them on just 10 carries.

Even though New York’s defense struggled at times, it did not capitulate when it was most important - they actually did the opposite. Julian Love’s interception was a smart play by the veteran safety:

Love baited Jackson and took advantage of the botched snap, which led to the turnover. Kayvon Thibodeaux’s strip-sack of Lamar Jackson was also a great individual effort by the rookie:

The Giants desperately needed game-swinging plays from their defense when it mattered most. Martindale’s unit was opportunistic at the end of the game, forcing two turnovers against a disciplined team.

However, there were two other sequences of plays that led to only three points for the Ravens. If the Giants broke after bending on these two drives, then they likely lose this football game.

The first sequence of plays was after a 12-yard catch by Josh Oliver on the Ravens’ second drive. The Giants force a loss of one on second down, and the Ravens suffer a false start penalty which moved them backward. The Ravens go incomplete on third-and-16, and Justin Tucker doinks the upright on a 56-yard field goal.

The second sequence was after the Ravens had five consecutive first-down plays; here are the four plays:

  1. 21-yard rush by Kenyon Drake
  2. 14-yard pass to Mark Andrews
  3. 18-yard pass to Mark Andrews
  4. 11-yard rush by Lamar Jackson

These four plays set the Ravens up at first-and-goal from the 5-yard line. The Giants forced a field goal and the Ravens go up 13-7. If the Giants allowed a touchdown on this drive, the game could have ended in a different manner. Here’s a video on how Martindale and the Giants defenders stopped Lamar Jackson and the Ravens from scoring on these two drives.