What Do We Do Know? Giants Season Postmortem

The New York Giants closed out their 2021 campaign with an uninspiring 22-7 loss to the Washington Football Team. The team came out flat and played completely uninspired football over the past two months of the season. There are so many questions that need to be answered about the future of the New York Football Giants. I don't have all the answers for those questions. However, I do have some ideas on how to handle the current situation involving the future of the franchise.

What Do We Do Know?

I wrote a letter to John Mara prior to the Carolina game pleading for ownership to be patient with Joe Judge and Daniel Jones. My explanation for this was that I believed at the time that patience was needed to incubate a winning culture. Unfortunately, things couldn't have gone worse since I sent the letter to owner John Mara. Jones hurt himself during the Eagles game and never returned, being placed on the season-ending IR weeks ago. Judge has not grown as a head coach, on the field, often choosing to play it conservative and safe. This sort of ideology has not benefitted the team and in many cases cost the team opportunities to win games.

I used the early 1990's Yankees as an example of how not to dismantle a team. As the Yankees showed patience and were able to build a dynasty. Logically, that sounds like the way to go. Patience sometimes pays off. Impatience doesn't. If the Giants hit the reset button on Judge that will be another two-and-out coach. Another wasted attempt to build a culture. Teams that fire coaches in the same manner as individuals who change their underwear never seem to be successful. Fans and media personalities are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of firing another head coach. I can't blame them. The last few weeks have been quite pathetic and bad. Judge has not shown growth in his tenure with the Giants. He says all the right things. He has shown the ability to command a room. He has tried to build a culture, albeit not a winning one.

That's the thing! I believe a culture is important. But winning is the only culture that consistently works in the NFL. The Giants have not had a winning culture. You had two beta head coaches who were not able to lead men. And you have Judge who seems to be able to lead men but is too stubborn to learn from his mistakes and grow. If Mr. Mara decides to move on from Judge that would be the reason. Joe Judge is an incomplete coach. A coach who has some good attributes but is unable to adjust. He has shown the inability to grow. That is the reason to fire him.

What would I do? I don't envy the position Mr. Mara is in at the moment. Blowing it up completely at this point does not necessarily mean there will be success. A progressive ideologue as GM could set the franchise back even further. What is clear to me is that if Mr. Mara does decide to move on from Judge and reset the entire franchise, he needs to bring in someone who is free of biases and ideological bents. He needs someone who will be able to look at Daniel Jones from an unbiased eye and determine whether or not he is the future franchise QB. He will need to bring in a smart GM who is willing to build a strong foundation on both sides of the trenches. That was what was promised by Dave Gettleman but was never achieved. He will need a head coach with all the positive attributes of Joe Judge but with the intangibles it takes to win in the NFL. Someone who isn't afraid! Someone who knows the only culture that matters is winning.

As a fan and an active member of the Giants community I hope Mr. Mara does the right thing. Because I can tell you we are all tired of losing. I also believe that there are some pieces that can be kept with a future regime. Just do the right thing! Whatever that may be!

What is the right decision? You ask me a few weeks ago I'd say be patient and give it another year. Now, I don't know. Because what we have been seeing for the last decade has not been good enough! I think you take the experiences you had from the last three coaches, you write down the positive aspects of each and you hire a competent GM who can find you that guy.

That's what I would do Mr. Mara

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