Hang On, Help Is On It's Way

Surprisingly, from the NFL Football operations.

The stars have aligned and the NFC East is the home of the four easiest schedules for 2022.

Rating each division, averaging their SoS standing:

1 - NFC West - avg. 5 (opponents NFC S, AFC W)

2 - NFC South - avg. 8 (NFC W, AFC N)

3 - AFC West - avg 9.5 (AFC S, NFC W)

4 - AFC North - Avg 16 (AFC E, NFC S)

5 - AFC East - avg 16.5 (AFC N, NFC N)

6 - AFC South - avg 22 (AFC W, NFC E)

7 - NFC North - avg 23.5 (NFC E, AFC E)

8 - NFC East - avg 30.5 (NFC N, AFC S)

The NFC East fills 29 - 32. Cincinnati loses out big, 3rd hardest while the rest of the division is clustered near the middle, while former #1 seeds Green Bay and Tennessee aren't that far from the bottom. The tougher divisions face off against each other, maybe leaving an opening to sneak through. All of this subject to change when the games are played, of course, and the migration of QBs hasn't even begun.

2022 NFL Schedule - Strength of Schedule (SOS) - (

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