Mock Offseason

I did a mock offseason today and was able to clear 59M off the salary cap in cuts, trades, and renegotiations. I renegotiated L Will and Martinez, cut all of the usual suspect, but this time I cut Logan Ryan and then resigned him to a 4 year 20M contract. That lowered his cap figure from 12.4M to 4.2M this year. He was due 17M+ so I gave him a couple of million more for being a team player. I traded Bradberry, XMan and Barkley and got a 2 and a future 4 for Bradberry and XMan and a 2 and a future 3 for Barkley. I also resigned Price, Gates, and Austin Johnson. Price at 1.250M for two years, Gates for one year 1M, and Johnson for four years and 16M.

FA signings were as follows: G Scheriff; C Jensen; Edge Reddick; LB J. Davis; QB Mariota; CB Heyward; TE Tonyan; LS Kreiter; and RB Fournette. After FA I have 5 M reserved for draft picks and 20M in cap space. I didn't go after a RT thinking I would get one in the draft. The Interior OL is fixed after the draft, I have a veteran edge to bring the youngsters along, a good LB to ease Martinez back in, a RB to replace Barkley, and finally a QB to push DJ.

In the draft I traded with Philly 1/5 for 1/16 and 1/19. I tried to trade before the draft for 1/15 and 1/16 and was denied and I wasn't adding picks to make it happen. I also made some minor trades to land extra 4th and 5th round picks. That gave me 1/7; 1/16, 1/19 in the 1st round and I took OG Green at 1/7 (Ekwonu went at pick 6), LB Dean at 1/16, and Edge Cameron Thomas at 1/19. I didn't have any trade offers to move down again and Penning was 32nd on the board and I thought I would get him in the 2nd round. WRONG. He went as the last pick in the 1st round. Into the 2nd round I had Detroit's pick at 2/2 and took OT Petit-Frere. I traded 2/4 for 2/14 and 3/13. With 2/14 I took RB Spiller. With my pick from the Chargers for Bradberry and XMan at 2/16 I took CB Booth (I couldn't believe he was still on the board). I had two 3rd round picks and took DT Mathis at 3/10 and S Boldin at 3/13. I had three 4th round picks and got LB Clark, C Jurgens, and TE La Porta. In the 5th I got WR Sky Moore, TE Dulcich, and DL Stills. In the 6th I closed out with DL Wyatt and OT Andries.

In the end I think I covered and filled a lot of holes in the draft and free agency. I feel like I settled for second best with Petit-Frere at RT though. The Interior of the OL is fixed between Scheriff, Jensen, and Green with Lemieux and Murphy as backups. We would most likely look to a post June 1 cut at RT or a remaining FA especially with Peart sidelined for most of the year. I think Thomas at Edge is big for us and Mathis at DT is the run stopper we need. Dean and Clark bring youth to the LB position and compete with Crowder to start. Clark is one of the best cover guy's in the draft and can really help us in that department. Booth steps in at CB1 in 23 as a starter in place of Jackson who is a cut candidate if he doesn't have a better year in 2022. Boldin replaces Peppers as the S at the line of scrimmage. RB's are Fournette, Booker, and Spiller. I just couldn't go into the season with Booker as my starter and I figured if I am going to get one go get a good one. I like La Porta a lot at TE as he can block and catch the ball. The rest are depth pieces but I like Moore's speed and we need depth on the DL.

It isn't perfect, but I don't think anyone's mock offseason is at this point. I learned a good lesson about trading before I got what I want/need most. Most would cut Martinez outright but he has value to the team and can teach his replacement for a year. and let's face it, we aren't competing for the division title this year anyways. I expect to see a bunch of competition in camp this year and some surprising cuts heading into next season. I also expect that we will be getting a new QB in 23 no matter how well DJ plays.

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