Joe Schoen inspired mock draft

So apart of me wanted to wait for the HC to be hired, but I had some free time. Joe Schoen's press conference was something, and he made some points about the roster. Development of talent, building through the draft, building an offense around DJ, bolstering the OL, making hard decisions about the cap. We can also see from his time in Buffalo other values he may have for team building. So I decided to get a little crazy, and have some fun with this mock draft. A lot of trades so lets get them out the way.


5 and 67 to the Jets for 10, 35, 69, and a 2023 3rd.

7 to the Broncos for 9 and 63

9, 145, and a 2023 7th to the Raiders for 22, 86, and a 2023 1st

You guys see what I did right? I got us a 1st and a 3rd in next years draft, which should help to set us up for a big trade if we need to make one. Nothing like hedging bets. Anyway onto the draft.

1) Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NC State- Ok let's start with a favorite of mine. Ekwonu is such an easy pick whenever he's there for me, and putting him on this line knowing I can slot him at either guard spot or RT is just a great feeling. I see a perennial Pro Bowl guy when I look at him. Great spot for DJ.

1) Chris Olave, WR, OSU- Oh my lord, I can see the comment section now. "OMG A WR?!?!?!?!? MOAR OL!!!!!!!!!!" I hope we all understand a few things here. There is more then one round to the draft, we have other needs, WR is one of those needs, and Olave was BPA far and away. This also allows us to cut Shep post 6/1, to open up a nice chunk of cap space, and gives DJ a fantastic weapon that can stay healthy. He's a route technician, with decent speed. Finally, to quote Schoen, someone will always be disappointed with me.

2) Myjai Sanders, EDGE, Cincinatti- Let's flip over to the defense real quick. We need to stock the depth up front, and let's start with a pass rusher that isn't getting the love he should be getting. Sanders is a stud, lanky, athletic, and skilled. That he was here in round 2 is a testament to the depth at the EDGE class. This kid is gonna be good.

2) Devonte Wyatt, iDL, Georgia- Many on BBV love Jordan Davis, I'm more partial to the guy next to him. Wyatt is a disruptive force, and adds to a defensive front that is quickly becoming very loaded with talented players, and unlike Davis, Wyatt is a 3 down player.

2) Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan- Talk about potential. This guy has it in spades. He should be able to start year 1, but by year 3, with Thomas on the other side, we may have the best pair of offensive tackles in football.

3) Josh Paschal, EDGE, Kentucky- Back to the defensive front with another talented player. I've quietly made a defensive front that can move to a 4-3, but can also be a 3-4 based on the players we have. Paschal can move all across the DL from EDGE, to 3 tech, and is just nasty. Reminds me of John Franklin-Myers quite a bit in terms of value and impact.

3) Damone Clark, ILB, LSU- Another favored target of mine around this point. Clark behind the defensive front I'm building is going to be popping.

3) Kyren Williams, RB, Notre Dame- Another weapon for DJ. Also helps the depth when Barkley misses 4-6 games, if we keep him. Williams is one hell of a weapon and can be a Darren Sproles type.

4) Chad Muma, ILB, Wyoming- A sleeper. A little Fred Warner in his game imo, and can be a real steal.

5) Brian Robinson, RB, Alabama- Another talented back. A power guy who can get some tough yards. We're deep at RB now.

6) Cole Turner, TE, Nevada- Has some skills, but it's late. This will just ne a depth guy for ST. Maybe he becomes something. But at this point, who knows right?

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