Mock Offseason

Tried to do a quick knee jerk what would Joe Schoen do, moreso than what I want mock before the Giants in fact hired Schoen. So for this next one I am going to do what I would ultimately try to do if I was hired and not Schoen. I say try because being a GM ain't no trip to BK. You're not going to get ot your way everytime. So just because I want player X doesn't mean that they want team Y, and ultimately sign elsewhere.

HC: Brian Daboll- I would still go with Daboll at HC barring a just outright awful interview. I would like to see Patrick Graham back, but Daboll would pick his staff without interference from me. Not sure Daboll would retain Graham. I have to imagine he has a staff in mind he wants to assemble, and I am not going to force coaches onto him like I think Judge had happen with Garrett. Nonsense, even if I think Graham is a great DC Daboll gets his staff. Report was Ken Dorsey at OC (I am assuming Daboll continues to call plays) and Wink Martindale at DC. If not Graham, hard to beat Wink at DC.

Cuts: * numbers are rounded to make the math easier. I am not trying to break it down to exact dollar. Unless the Giants want to pay me to, then I will gladly do so lol.

OT Nate Solder- potential to make it to camp given their is no savings by cutting him. Hopefully he retires, but he is due 4 million dollars so long as he doesn't so I would not expect him to retire until after he is cut and the deposit has cleared.

WR Sterling Shepard- the current longest tenured Giant just endured a season you can't have given your CAP number. He will certainly be shopped, and you may get a late day 3 pick for him given his injury and contract outweigh his talent and age at this point in the game. However, I suspect most teams will balk at a trade and take their chances should he become available on the open market.
Dead Money: 7.9 million, Cap Savings: 4.5 million

TE Kyle Rudolph- Getty should have used the injury as a just reason to go back on his deal with Kyle last offseason. He's a better man for not doing so, but signing Rudolph was the only signing I was not a fan of last offseason. Too much money for an aging blah player.
Dead Money: 2.5 million Cap Savings: 5 million

OC Nick Gates- May ultimately retire given his injury. If not, I expect the new GM to cut him as he does not have any loyalty to Gates. So even if Gates wishes to continue his career it will likely be elsewhere. Ideally Gates is cut with a handshake agreement that after another year of rehab the two sides will return to the table to discuss a deal should Gates wish to pursue a return. Kind of like Richie Seubert coming back from his horrible knee injury. I personally was not a huge fan of Gates as a player, but it would be the right thing to do as an organization given his injury was suffered while playing for you.
Dead Money: 900k Cap Savings: 2.5 million

OLB Oshane Ximines- With Roche on the roster, who I think ideally the Giants will want to be their situational pass rusher guy already of the roster, on a cheaper rookie contract. Another player shopped that ultimately finds no suitors and is cut.
Dead Money: 200k Cap Savings: 1 million


2022- 5.5 million after those 5 cuts

2023- 106.8 million

2024- 221.9 million

*according to

WR Kenny Golladay- Convert 6 million of base salary into bonus that spreadsheet out over 2023, 2024 seasons.
CAP savings: 2022- 6 million, 2023-2024 lose 3 million in space each.

*Not sure you can convert all base salary into a bonus paid player or whether or not some must hit the cap in the year the restructure is done.


P Riley Dixon- 3 years/ 9 million (3 million guaranteed) [1, 3, 3, 6]

Last year number is non-guaranteed. If he rebounds from his down year than his deal will likely be re-worked that offseason. If he doesn’t, likely gets cut next offseason for 3 million in dead cap money. Personally, I think Dixon can boot the ball and he has a sneakily decent arm. I am extending him, not cutting to go cheaper and Matt Dodge myself at punter with a rookie. Not again.

Cap Savings for 2022: 2 million

K Graham Gano- 2 years/12 million (6 million guaranteed) [2.5, 6, 8]
Again with the current year left this is a 3 year 16.5 deal which is just over the 4.5 million Gano is making this year. He isn't going to sign for a number lower than that. His agent won't let that happen. The money is set up the Giants can save 2 million against next year’s cap hit if they cut him, if cut in the third year the Giants save 6 million in space. Essentially this contract sets up to pay Gano and reward him in the third season should he want to give it another year or a nice parting gift should he choose to retire.

Cap Savings for 2022: 1.5 million

CB James Bradberry- 3 years/ 54 million (20 million guaranteed) [15, 14, 22, 24]

3 year extension at an average of 18 million for someone who I still feel plays at an elite level which allows you to lower his cap number this year is solid deal. Factor in that less than half of the 54 million is guaranteed so those cap numbers of 22 and 24 come with massive cap savings should he be cut in those years make me really comfortable with offering this extension. I will take that over cutting bait and recouping CAP savings all day every day.

Cap Savings 2022: 6 million

MLB Blake Martinez- 3 years/ 30 million (18 million guaranteed) [8, 8, 13, 15.5]

The more I think about the more I think Martinez is a goner. However, I would not cut or trade Martinez. The defense missed their Captain and tackling machine this year no doubt. Tomlinson being gone affected the run game, but I believe that Martinez being injured had a bigger impact on the Giants regression in run defense this season. Crowder has speed and can make plays, but he is weak at the point of impact. Ragland/McKinney/Smith played decently, but none of them are the caliber player that Martinez is. Hopefully he comes back fully healthy from his injury, and hopefully the new GM keeps him on the roster instead of cutting him outright and recouping the Cap savings that way.

Cap Savings 2022: 6 million

CAP: 2022- 36 million, 2023- 60 million, 2024- 173 million

In house UFA signed:
*If I can get Peppers back cheaply, I am doing so. Anything over 1-2 million and I thank him for his services.

OC Billy Price (Giants)- 1 year/ 1 million
Signed as a backup. He is not great, but could be serviceable center with a better cast around him. Could not, but if cheap I am ok with bringing him back.

LS Casey Kreiter (Giants)- 1 year/ vet minimum
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

LB Lorenzo Carter (Giants)- 1 year/ 1 million

I only make this deal if Carter finds absolutely no market. Which outside of his last 2-3 games in NY, he certainly felt like he was heading for no market. However, that slight push at the end may be enough to get his name enough buzz to get a semi decent deal elsewhere. If he does, much like Peppers we thank you for your services. If he does not, I am ok with bringing him back another year as he is still young and athletic. I am just not being fooled into giving him a starting spot and deal to match because he had a couple good games late in his contract year.

Outside UFA's:

OG Brandon Scherff (Washington)- 4 years/ 68 million (25 million guaranteed) [6, 18, 24, 20]
If Washington let’s Scherff get to the tampering period unsigned I won’t let him get back to Washington. This is slightly less than his franchise tag number which I am sure his agent will want to use as a starting line to negotiate up from that number. However, Wyatt Teller just reset the market for Guards at 16.5 million which I think most teams will use as their starting line for someone like Scherff. Scherff is better, but Wyatt is 3 years younger. Honestly, would love to be like yeah Scherff 4 year/ 60 million but I don’t see Scherff going for less than 17 million a year. Fancy language to the deal to make it work under the cap and I am making this deal. Yes, you’re just doing what the previous regime did last offseason that hurt us this offseason by kicking the CAP down the road. However, unless Schoen’s plan is to completely blow up the roster, and spend the first few years extending this dumpster fire you will need to do so to get someone like Scherff. And again if I can get Scherff, I am getting Scherff. I would love to double down on getting Scherff by adding a player like Dalton Schultz at TE or Ogbah at Edge rusher, but I think those last two are heading for bigger than expected paydays this offseason so getting them on a fancy language team friendly deal are not realistic.

WR Isaiah McKenzie (Bills)- 1 year/ 2 million (1 million guaranteed)

This is one carry over signing I have from my pre-GM hiring mock offseason. With Shepard gone, and not a lot of money to spend someone like McKenzie is the perfect signing. He knows Daboll, his offense, and what Daboll wants from players so he can be the messenger between HC and locker room. Key guys to have. He is the perfect UFA pick up. Plus, for McKenzie sake the Giants are the perfect team. Sure they have Golladay and Toney on the roster, but Slayton #3 spot (should the Giants cut Shep as I have) is far from secure so not only is there familiarity in Daboll for Isaiah there is a chance to get more playing time in NY too.

DT Linval Joseph (Chargers)- 1 year/ 1 million

Jerry Reese should have never let him walk. If he’d be willing to come back to NY, I would be all for having him. Honestly, he may play obvious run downs at the run plugging NT while Williams and Lawrence play to his outside to create a massive clog to allow Martinez to do his thing. Then on obvious passing downs, slide Sexy Dexy down to the NT spot and bring in a better pass rusher to take his place in the lineup for those snaps. As is, getting him a handful of snaps to replace Sexy Dexy inside would be fine by me. I want Sexy Dexy at NT anyway.

LB Alex Anzalone (Lions)- 2 years/ 5 million

Really a 1 year/ 2 million dollar deal that is written out as a 2 year deal so I can spread a million of cap hit into 2023. McKinney played decently and Jaylon Smith has the name clout, but personally I don’t think either is much more than a camp body at this point. If they are anything other than the last guy at LB (and non-dressing on game days) you are expecting too much from them. Anzalone is not signed to start in NY, but I think as far as depth player he is better than Smith or McKinney.

QB Trevor Siemian (Saints)- 1 year/ 1 million

Likely isn’t going to command much money but is good enough to beat out Fromm for the backup QB position while also good enough to not completely embarrass the team by starting for them like Glennon. Rather have had Colt back. He may have a weaker than ideal arm, but at least he can keep his teams competitive despite his flaws. Siemian is in the similar mold to Colt. Nick Mullens is a younger player who if Siemian signs elsewhere, I would target for the role of cheap vet back up with starting experience.

FB/TE Jacob Hollister (Jaguars)- 1 year/ 1 million

Hollister best attribute may be his versatility. He can be the second or third TE option while being the primary FB. I am not expecting him to light up the stat sheet by any means, but there are still productive snaps in his career, and I expect Daboll and Co. to get those snaps out of him.

CAP- 2022- 22 million, 2023- 15 million*, 2024- 153.9 million.

After signing picks, and picking up both Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence options (thought long and hard about not picking up Lawrence, but ultimately I think he is part of the future. If you do you pick up the 5th year) the Giants again have limited cap space before next offseason begins. However, Williams, Ryan and Jackson all have massive deals with little of it guaranteed money. If you cut all 3, you add another 35 million in space for 2023. Why I did not touch any of their contracts this offseason.

2022 NFL Draft:

5. OG Ikem Ekwonu, NC State
When I see Ekwonu play I feel like I am watching the next Kelechi Osmele. He can play OT, but he can be an all-pro LG in the NFL who packs one of the most powerful "punches" in the league. If I am making the selection the way that Commissioner Goodell would read his draft card would be offensive linemen Ikem Ekwonu, NC State. Not tackle or guard, just offensive linemen.

7. OC Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa

Yes, I know he played at 290lb at Iowa. No, I don’t expect him to stay at 290lb in the pros. 305-310, depending on how much of that is muscle versus just fat to get his weight would be ideal. The fact that he is a bit undersized is also negated by the fact that Ekwonu will be to his left and Scherff to his right. With bullies like those two by your side it is easier to survive the bus crashes that occur in the trenches. Creed Humphrey fell because people were worried, he was too small to play in the NFL like he did at Oklahoma. KC seems really concerned about it. I can deal with an undersized interior guy. I can’t deal with 3 (a la Pugh, Richburg, Boothe). Plus, forget what his size suggests. Tape shows a willing participant in those bus crashes I speak of. He isn’t just someone who has the size and athleticism to do it who’s style is more get in the way than mauling. Tyler is a people mover.

36. OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa

I am not sure it will be Penning available this late, but one of the late first round o-line guys will be available at #36. When you have names like Penning, Petit-Frere, Walker, Kinnard, and Kenyon Green all getting late first round considerations at the moment someone is bound to slip. Especially since we are talking about the o-line and first round guy always seem to wind up going 33-38 in the draft every year. So, I am officially on the Penning is an overrated small school guy who won’t survive bandwagon hoping to see him fall to #36. I did the same thing in 2017 with Will Hernandez. He did end up falling to day 2 but barring a bounce back for his new team it feels like Hernandez was a reach in the second. Not the steal he was thought to be at the time. Clearly I was wrong about that back then. So, regardless of it being Penning or not, hopefully a solid first day o-lineman falls to #36. This team could desperately use for the cards to fall like that.

As for the selection of another lineman, the Giants may be the only team in the NFL where the new GM could sign an expensive FA (on borrowed cash) just to follow it up 3 o-line prospects in the first 36 picks; and the fans would not cause an outright mutiny leading to the new hires immediate exile from NY/NJ. Sure, the Giants have needs elsewhere and there will be players fans like more than the players selected a 5, 7, 36 of this mock. However, with the offensive line play the fans have had to endure since the 2011 Super Bowl season I don’t think fans would call Schoen crazy for investing like this on the line. I seriously doubt he will actually do that, but again this is what I would do, and it is no secret that I think the reason for the mess of the Giants is the offensive line. And I am over it. So yes, my big 4 this year are one unit. Fight me lol.

With Penning now at RT the line reads from left to right: Thomas – Ekwonu – Linderbaum – Scherff – Penning. That’s 5 people movers out of 5 starting positions. Going to be some bad snaps early given that 3 rookies are starting and one of the three is the center. However, by end of the year those 5 will be a stonewall for Jones and Barkley. Do all this, just to watch the media marvel at how much improvement Daniel has shown in his 4th year. Daboll did it for Allen and now he is doing it for Jones. He’s the new QB guru. Reality is, without a competent o-line your team will not be competitive. Regardless of who you have at the skill positions or on the defensive side of the ball. That needs to get corrected otherwise all the other roster moves will be pointless.

Trade Up to #45 TE Jalen Wydermyer, Texas A&M

If available still at #45 I would be calling the Ravens offering picks #67 and #81 for pick #45. Not sure that would be enough to get it done, so call it pick #67, #81 and 2023 5th round pick to make this deal work. Again, this is only if Wydermyer is still available. I may be willing to trade up from #67 to somewhere in the 50’s if all it takes is a 5th round pick on top of #67 forbRuckert should Wydermyer be gone. However, on top of finding 4 new starting offensive linemen the new GM faces the challenge of having to rebuild a TE room gone awry. Engram is a UFA and Rudolph the first likely CAP casualty of the Joe Schoen era. That leaves Kaden Smith and Rysen John in the room. I personally like both of those players, but neither guy is guaranteed to even be here come training camp. Obscure low end of the roster players typically turn over like an apple dessert, and that is what Kaden and Rysen are. Wydermyer may go end of the first round so he may not be available this late, but he’s certainly got all you want from a TE. Big body that can block who is not a statue or stonehands McGee. I’d be ok with the Giants going Wydermyer at #36 and Ruckert at #67. Those two together would be a killer TE duo, like Gronk and Hernan…

4th. DT LaBryan Ray, Alabama

His buzz seems to be day 2 if you asked the media scouting community, but he hasn’t really ever done anything at Alabama that screams he should be taken on day 2. He is certainly a far inferior prospect to Barmore last year, and Christian went round 3. Should he be here, this is when you should take a flyer on Ray. He has the build and potential to be an average starter in the NFL. If I can get that on day 3 I take it, because more often than not you’re getting a JAG who will be off the roster in 3-4 years.

5th. S/LB Sterling Weatherford, Miami (OH)
This will all depend on how he runs. He may be too slow for the next level, even at LB but kid is smart and around the football. If he can get below 4.6 he likely won't be here. Over a 4.6 he can go anywhere from 5th round to undrafted. To me I see a player who will play a key role in ST units. As far as role on defense start him out at SS, but if the speed proves overwhelming, can push him down to off ball LB and reduce the field for him.

5th. RB Kevin Marks Jr., Buffalo
This kid will be a solid #2 RB in the NFL. If I can get that in the 5th round, I do so. May seem funny that Marks gets drafted while Patterson went as UDFA last year. However, Marks has better size so it would not shock me to see him get drafted while Patterson (Former UB starting RB/Washington preseason RB sensation) went undrafted last year. Patterson was the starter, but Marks saw his fair share of snaps and play well when called up.

6th. WR Taj Harris, Syracuse
Harris can play at the next level. He was hurt by Tommy Devito being a bust. Despite the Orange offense regressing once Devito took over for Dungey 3 years ago (Harris freshman year was with Dungey) Harris has still continued to make plays. Get him on a team with actually NFL talent and I think Harris can blossom into a weapon in the slot. Ideally, you could bank on Marks and Harris going undrafted, an them choosing to sign with you. You can't, so I would take them with my last two picks available to ensure I got them.

53 man roster:
QB: Daniel Jones, Trevor Siemian
RB: Saquon Barkley, Devontae Booker, Gary Brightwell, Kevin Marks Jr.
WR: Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Isaiah McKenzie, Darius Slayton, Collin Johnson, Taj Harris
TE: Jaylen Wydermyer, Jacob Hollister, Kaden Smith, Rysen John
OT: Andrew Thomas, Trevor Penning, Matt Peart
OG: Brandon Scherff, Ikem Ekwonu, Shane Lemieux, Ben Bredeson
OC: Tyler Linderbaum, Billy Price

DE: Leonard Williams, Raymond Johnson, LaBryan Ray, Niko Lalos
NT: Dexter Lawrence, Linval Joseph
OLB: Azeez Ojulari, Quincy Roche, Lorenzo Carter, Elerson Smith, Cam Brown
ILB: Blake Martinez, Tae Crowder, Carter Coughlin, Alex Anzalone
CB: James Bradberry, Adoree Jackson, Darnay Holmes, Aaron Robinson, Roderick Williams
S: Logan Ryan, Xavier McKinney, Julian Love, Sterling Weatherford

K: Graham Gano
P: Riley Dixon
LS: Casey Kreiter

There is 52 out of the full 53. Leaves me to go attack a FA on cut down day without having to lose somebody.

I wasn't trying to fix all the holes and problem areas of the roster. You'll never be able to. Especially with the offseason the Giants are facing. My goal is to put out the dumpster fire that is my o-line unit. Until you do that, this team will remain a bottom feeder.

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