Devil's Trade

How do we feel about trading #5 for #15 and #16 from the Eagles. My thinking would be this...2 options

Scenario 1. Best player at 7, best 2 players at 15 and 16....i.e.5. Ekwonu/Neal/Cross/Hamilton 15/16. Linderbaum/Lloyd/J. Davis/Green/Ojabo/J.Johnson/Dean/Penning

Scenario 2. Best player at 7 (fill in the blank) 15. Houston/Pitt/NO/Carolina come calling and offer future 1st round picks to get their QB.

Love both scenarios as I'm not totally sold on any 1 player in this draft, but I love the depth.

I'm only proposing this because the Eagles play by play guy suggested the Eagles trade up for Hamilton.

Would you guys like either scenario?

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