Trade for Sean Payton idea

So what do you think. It appears that Payton wants out of New Orleans. Even the owner is confirming that. It is also likely that one of the organizations Payton would like to come to would be the NY Giants.

The head coach is arguably the most important asset on the team next to the starting QB. You could have a relevant debate on which is actually more important. Payton is a proven winner over a long period of time and offensive genius. He would be a great mentor to Jones.

Why wouldn’t we make a trade for him? Would you give our #7 pick in this years draft in return for their second round pick or a 2023 second round?

We could take a CHANCE on one of these up and coming OCs or DCs, but he would change the trajectory of this franchise. If there was ever a time for Mara to make a bold move and grab Sean this may be it.

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