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VIDEO: Brian Daboll’s brilliance vs. Kansas City

Daboll’s a creative and aggressive play caller who positions his personnel advantageously. Let’s see those four TD passes vs. the Chiefs

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

As I say three times in a span of a minute during the video, the Buffalo Bills loss to the Kansas City Chiefs is unfortunate. Quarterback Josh Allen led, presumably, two game-winning touchdown drives; the biggest gripe found with Allen was that he left 13 seconds for Pat Mahomes. However, the Buffalo Bills season is over, and Brian Daboll may have coached his last game as the Bills’ offensive coordinator.

His last pass as the Bills’ coordinator was a first-and-10 touchdown strike to Gabriel Davis - his fourth of the game. After watching Daboll call plays, I’ve become more excited with how, and when, he calls certain concepts against specific defensive looks. The four touchdown passes in this game were products of Daboll, Josh Allen’s fantastic arm, and Davis’ ability to separate (in multiple ways).

I break down each touchdown pass in the video below. I hope you all enjoy, and we may see something similar (without Josh Allen) from Daboll if, or when, he’s calling plays for the New York Giants.