Heresy from a Cold Climate Fan

Before Saturday's games I was wondering about two championship games in seriously cold weather cities. After Sunday's games I was seriously relieved. All memorable games but the quality of play in Green Bay didn't compare to the other games.

Championship game weekend on the cusp of February should never happen. Three WC games, two division and two champ games all at night for the networks' benefit will lead to bad football, sooner or later. Late games used to be at 4PM and the league tried to make any cold weather games the early ones.

Super Bowls I - XII all happened by mid-January, XIII - XXXV before the end of January. When the league adds weeks, it needs to be at the beginning of the season, not the end. Either that or add a week and play championship games at neutral, warm weather sites. That gives the networks the options of primetime games Saturday, Sunday or Monday, adds a destination site or two and another hype week before the Super Bowl. Better football, better ratings, more revenue, what's not to like?

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