13 ticks....tick tick tick

In yesterday's game between the Bills and KC. After Buffalo scores to take the lead by a FG with 13 seconds to go you have to give the ball back to KC.

The Bills decide to kick the ball off like it's the start of a game instead of an end. The ball, of course, sails through the end zone which take NO time off the clock. How in the world do you not squib kick it which forces the Chiefs to pick the ball up and run with it which would take at the very least 5, 6 seconds off the clock. This would leave at most 1 desperation Hail Mary pass for the Chiefs to complete. Not very likely. Or maybe at least kick it short of the goal line forcing a runback which also takes valuable time off the clock. In either case I don't think the returner Chiefs player would have knelt and given themselves up wayyyyy the F deep in KC territory after losing 5 or 6 seconds on the clock anyway.

Terrible. I hope Leslie Frazier is on the loooong list of Giant coaching candidates. Long as in the next iceage maybe, (actually, with the rate of climate change that may be a couple hundred years sooner than anticipated).

And the decision to not cover the middle of the field by the Bills late in the game and in OT, that, is just too much of an error for me to even contemplate...sorry Josh Allen, You deserved better.

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