Hey John Mara

I have seen a lot of crazy ideas about how we go about fixing OT. Well I figured you own the team this fan board is associated with and you're on the competition committee so you can actually propose this idea. If by some miracle you actually see it. There is no need to revamp and come up with a whole new OT system. Just amend two things the already existing rules and you're set to go.

First, if the first team who possesses the ball scores a FG, the opposing team has one possession to score a TD to win the game. They can not go for a FG, they have to go for the win.

Second, if the first team who possesses the ball scores a TD (must attempt extra point, can't go for two point conversion), the opposing team has one possession to score a TD and subsequent two point conversion to win the game, they can not kick an extra point after the TD they have to go for the win.

Those two changes to the already existing rules eliminate nights like last night were the best game of your football season ended when Allen called the coin toss wrong. Instead of purely marveling at the spectacle that is the playoff football, fans and writers are talking about the "dumb" OT rules that didn't allow Allen a chance to respond. I mean if we are being honest with ourselves, his Defense cost him not the OT rules, but why not eliminate the negative? Especially, when you are talking about amending two lines.

On top of stopping the negative spin to last nights otherwise amazing game as a bonus these tweaks, will not outright eliminate the possibility of ties in regular season, but will greatly reduce their probability of happening. They also add drama to an already drama filled time. OT strategies will have to be revamped by coaching staffs because do you just take the ball first? Or would KC think about giving Allen the ball first last night with these two tweaks to the current rules? Would Andy Reid want to put it all on his defense to stop the Bills after KC scores given neither team seemed to know how to stop the other teams offense; or would he want to be in the driver seat as far as ability to go for two after scoring after the Bills scored?

Just some food for thought for you and the gentlemen on the committee.


A life long NFL fan (which in my world means 34 years lol)

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