Giants salary cap situation

What's up BBV. Over the week I've been going back and forth with people regarding the cap. A strong portion feels that we don't have any kind of space to work with and it'll be impossible to do anything. Well here's the thing. It was shown, just last offseason, that that isn't the case. But, there is a way to work the cap, without kicking the problem into next year.

Cuts and trades folks, cuts and trades. I'll be using Over the Cap to work with the salary here, so you guys can go and reference things as well, I'll specifically be using the calculator app they to move things along at a good pace.

Ok so let's start. Over the Cap accounts for the top 51, which puts us a over the cap (no pun intended) by $7,065,420. We will need some $10 million just for the draft class alone. So we have work to do. Let's see what we can do by going over the contracts.

We'll start with cuts which are the simplest part of the exercise (dead cap in parenthesis):

Pre 6/1 Cuts:

Nick Gates- $2,125,000 ($879,167)

Kyle Rudolph- $5,000,000 ($2,408,334)

Riley Dixon- $2,800,000 ($320,556)

Blake Martinez- $8,525,000 ($5,500,000)

Oshane Ximines- $995,000 ($209,195)

Ok so these are the easy cuts at this point. Going over the roster, the rest of them hurt, and it's hard to justify some them. These cuts bring us up to having $12,379,580 in cap space. With this we can sign our draft class, and have a little for the season. It's the bare minimum, and even then, required a real painful cut in Martinez. That leaves a glaring hole at linebacker. Here's the thing, coming off a blown out knee, do we know if Martinez will be what he was before? Will he remain in a defense that maximized him the way this defense did? I'm not sure, and it's not an easy choice, but we have to come up with some money. This isn't even enough to do anything in FA, or even bother to resign some of our own guys. So we have to make some moves now, in order to open up more space.


James Bradberry- $12,136,111 ($9,727,778)

Saquon Barkley- $7,217,000

Ok now these are two moves that would signify a tear down. Or so you think. I have made no secret that I want to see the team trade Barkley. He opens up a considerable amount of cap, no dead money, he might bring back a pick, and he's easily replaceable. Bradberry is the tough one. He's our best corner, and good ones are hard to come by. But we also have a nice group of young talented guys behind him and Jackson, and we can easily get a day 2 pick back for him. Also, while this won't be a popular point, where we are picking in the top 10, there are a trio of corners who have elite potential in Derek Stingley, Andrew Booth, and Ahmad Gardner. Barkley you would hope gets you that, but I think we have to sell low and take a 4th round pick at best. The real prize with him is getting the cap space back.

If we make these two trades, we are now at $31,732,691 in cap space.

Now I know what you guys are saying. Robb, all you did was create more holes on this team. Now we need to replace Martinez and Bradberry, and we already needed another linebacker to begin with. Not to mention we need 4 new starters on the OL, and the offense sucks if your name isn't Andrew Thomas.

News flash guys, this team in general sucks. We have some good players, but how many of them are long term franchise guys? We need to be able to operate, and bring in guys that can lead us down the path of victory.

We only have 9 picks, we're not solving everything in the draft, we need to use FA, and we need to keep our guys we want, for at least next year.

With the space opened up, we can resign Austin Johnson, Billy Price, Jaylon Smith, Eli Penny, Casey Kreiter, Reggie Ragland, Dante Pettis.

We can also go and sign some quality vets for the OL, and let's be real, there is no way we can expect 4 rookies to start on the OL, and that be a satisfactory outcome. We need guys who know how to play in this league, preferably if they know how to win.

Now we can target guys like Ryan Jensen, Laken Tomlinson, James Daniels, or Ben Jones to upgrade the OL with a quality vet, who can cover a position while we rebuild the rest of the unit.

We can also sign a guy like Kyzir White to play LB, and while maybe not as good as Martinez, he's a very solid player who can hold up at a linebacker spot for us.

We can sign a quality back up QB that many here are clamoring for, or a TE like Mo Alie -Cox?

Oh, and if we need more space, we can designate some post 6/1 cuts as well, let's go over them:

Sterling Shepard- $8,500,000 ($3,995,000)

That's an extra 8.5 of cap space right there if need be.

Here's the conclusion. I know a lot of the arguments guys are going to make about what I'm doing. Let me release a blanker response right now for them. We are a bad team, one of the worst in football, we have needs at certain spots no matter what, we need room to operate, of the cuts and trades I made, only one player is a quality starter who hasn't underperformed or dealt with injury here, and he is the most likely to bring us back a day 2 pick.

Like Chesapeake Blue has said, this is the year to deal with the cap the hard way, and he's right. But I'm not agreeing with him in the way he thinks. I'm agreeing with him, in that we have to deal with it the hard way, but that means moving a talented player like Bradberry because the cap space is needed, or moving Barkley despite selling low on him, and knowing he may pop if he lands with a team like the Saints.

We have to make hard decisions, but we have to operate, and some of the moves I illustrated may hurt in the short term, but it lets us for one, sign our draft class, second it will let us bring in some quality players, and keep some of the guys that might prove useful, or at least serve as depth pieces.

One final time, I'll set the link for the salary cap calculator here:

The link will take you to the calculator, where you can see the cap space situation for the next few years, who we have under contract, as well as our impending FAs.

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