No Trade PFF Draft - Fixing the Offense

This is a followup to my previous mock. Same goals as the last one, but no trades.

1. Unless one of the 2 stud DEs fall, I’m getting 2 plug and play offensive linemen in round 1.

2. Unless there’s a ridiculous gem at #37, I’m taking best OL available unless it’s a huge reach.

3. I want 2 TEs that can block.

4. I want at least 1 ILB that can cover. Will LB has been a weakness since Armstead.

Optimally, I’d like to trade #7 down to around #10-12 and picking up a second rounder, but I’m assuming here that there aren’t any trade partners.

Let’s build the foundation:

#5 Evan Neal OT Alabama. I’m not smart enough to figure out the best OT here, but the best available of Neal, Ekwonu or Cross will be my pick.I’d be happy to have any of them starting at RT. This reminds me of the situation when Andrew Thomas got drafted.

#7 Tyler Linderbaum C Iowa. The center makes the most sense, but again, I’m taking the best OL available. I have no problem taking 2 stud OTs and moving one to OG. I want the guy that can step in and start as a rookie.

#37 Zion Johnson OG Boston College. Again, best OL available. I’m a little partial to Kinnard here because of positional flexibility. Kinnard was gone. There are usually a few other OL candidates here as well. Judging by the grades I’m seeing there could be another day 1 OL starter in this spot. I’d prefer not to start 3 rookie OL, but that assumes signing 2 quality Free Agents, which the Giants can’t afford. Maybe they can sign 1 after clearing cap space.

#69 Chad Muma LB Wyoming. Got a speedy LB that can cover.

#79 Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State. This draft is deep. This guy is a player. Solid all around skills, but most importantly, he can block. No more of this hybrid crap. Hybrid TEs are a luxury.

#109 Darrian Beavers LB Cincinnati. Another LB that can run and cover. He’s a converted WR. I’m thinking Muma at Mike an Beavers at Will.

#146: Jake Ferguson TE Wisconsin. Another solid Y tight end that can block and catch.

#170 Jalen Redmond DI Oklahoma. Need to get some help on the defensive line

#183 Alec Lindstrom C Boston College. This is for a developmental offensive lineman. There are an abundance here as well.

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