A Little Look at Joe Schoen on Draft Day

A post tonight on Twitter with a link to a YouTube video of the Buffalo Bills war room on draft night, 2019. Wasn't one of their best drafts, but interesting to watch for several reasons:

1. Buffalo was targeting Ed Oliver with the #9 pick, so they were happy when Getty drafted Daniel Jones. Oliver has been pretty good, but not so good that they should have obsessed over him.

2. They turned down a trade-down with Chicago, but traded up 2 slots in round 2, giving up a 5th round pick, to make sure they got OT Cody Ford. Ford has been a disappointment. They did get Devin Singletary and Dawson Knox, two good players, in the next round.

3. Brandon Beane of course is running the show, and most people there are spectators, but Joe Schoen is the guy on the phones talking to other teams about possible trades, so he has experience doing that back-and-forth. He seems to work comfortably with Beane.

4. Head coach Sean McDermott is seated at the table through the whole thing, watching the proceedings but saying little to nothing. I'm surprised how uninvolved he is and how little he reacts to anything. Schoen however is more emotional when they get the guy they want.

Overall, interesting to watch. Very different from the video of the Eagles' war room last year, where there were only a handful of people, clustered into groups of 2 or 3, and Howie Roseman going around trying to pump everyone up after the Giants jumped him to draft A-Rob.

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