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Giants fans, NFL insiders, analysts overwhelmingly endorse hiring of Joe Schoen

Time will tell if Giants got this one right, but the move is drawing praise

New York Giants fans appear to be overwhelmingly happy with the team’s selection of Joe Schoen as general manager. Thus far, 78 percent of respondents in our approval poll have voted in favor of the choice.

The reaction from analysts and NFL insiders appears to fe just as positive.

Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders mentioned Schoen’s connection to legendary Giants coach Bill Parcells. Parcells brought Schoen to the Miami Dolphins when he was there in 2008:

“Schoen comes with ringing endorsements, including the only one that really matters to Giants management: the Parcells Seal of Approval. The Bills have been running a tight ship under Beane-McDermott, so there’s no yellow flags there. Most young GM candidates have nearly identical resumes, so it’s hard to get too up or too down on any of them. At least the Giants are no longer gaslighting themselves into thinking they were headed in the “right” direction anymore. That’s progress in and of itself.”

Former New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins GM Randy Mueller, NFL Executive of the Year with the Saints in 2000, said:

“Really good guy, respectful and treats people well. Has paid his dues and is as qualified as can be having never been in the big chair.”

This is what respondents to Scouting Academy Director Dan Hatman’s annual research into GM candidates had to say about Schoen:

Quote 1: “He’s very smart, detailed, and ambitious. He’s an excellent evaluator.”

Quote 2: “Super smart, a good football mind. The guys in Buffalo really respect him. Has experience on the research side too.”

Quote 3: “Personable, intelligent, detail oriented, knows players. Worked for 2 playoff organizations. Started at bottom on the road and earned each promotion along the way.”

Quote 4: “I think he works hard, has an eye for talent, and good media savvy.”

In the 33rd Team, former Eagles President and Browns CEO Joe Banner said:

“Time will tell if the Giants hired the right person,” Banner says. “But what isn’t in doubt is that they changed the approach to a process that provided a real chance to get it right.

“Teams can have a good process and still hire the wrong person because these are all projections and it’s a very different job description than what the applicants have been doing.”

FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer weighed in with this:

Hayley Beane, wife of Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane, called it “bittersweet.”

Here’s one more: