Pre- GM hiring mock offseason

Try to sneak one quick mock before the Giants announce their actual GM. I am disappointed to not see anybody from the Colts front office get an interview as I think they do have the best Front Office in the NFL. Ballard and Co. were tasked with rebuilding a roster destroyed by Grigson while simultaneously dealing with your all pro QB retiring unexpectedly. No thank you. Colts still competitive. Hell of a job. First deal of business for Ballard and the boys was to retool the offensive line. Gee, wonder why that is?...

Now Beane and Co. in Buffalo are #2 on my list so glad to see Schoen on the list of candidates. I do think Mara is rooting for Schoen/Daboll combo this offseason. He can say the GM and HC don't have to be a combo deal all he wants, doesn't mean that isn't what he wants to see happen.

GM: Joe Schoen
HC: Brian Daboll
OC: Dan Pitcher (joking, went to same high school he did. Dude will be an OC one day, and a good one at that. Currently Bengals QB Coach. Watch out for his name to be a hot OC candidate shortly. Especially with Burrow looking like the real deal. That alone will get his coaches promotions. Dan deserves it in his own right.)
DC: Patrick Graham
STC: no clue


2022- -500k* with rollover from 2021 I have no idea how little a space the Giants will actually have. has them at-300k now, but unsure how accurate their numbers are. I just decided to start off in the hole for this mock.

2023- 93.3 million

2024- 221.9 million

*according to

Cuts: * numbers are rounded to make the math easier. I ain't trying to break it down to exact dollar. Unless the Giants want to pay me to, then I will gladly do so lol.

OT Nate Solder- potential to make it to camp given their is no savings by cutting him. Hopefully he retires, but he is due 4 million dollars so long as he doesn't so I would not expect him to retire until after he is cut and the deposit has cleared.

WR Sterling Shepard- the current longest tenured Giant just endured a season you can't have given your CAP number. He will certainly be shopped, and you may get a late day 3 pick for him given his injury and contract outweigh his talent and age at this point in the game. However, I suspect most teams will balk at a trade and take their chances should he become available on the open market.
Dead Money: 7.9 million, Cap Savings: 4.5 million

TE Kyle Rudolph- Getty should have used the injury as a just reason to go back on his deal with Kyle last offseason. He's a better man for not doing so, but signing Rudolph was the only signing I was not a fan of last offseason. Too much money for an aging blah player.
Dead Money: 2.5 million Cap Savings: 5 million

OC Nick Gates- May ultimately retire given his injury. If not, I expect the new GM to cut him as he does not have any loyalty to Gates. So even if Gates wishes to continue his career it will likely be elsewhere. Ideally Gates is cut with a handshake agreement that after another year of rehab the two sides will return to the table to discuss a deal should Gates wish to pursue a return. Kind of like Richie Seubert coming back from his horrible knee injury. I personally was not a huge fan of Gates as a player, but it would be the right thing to do as an organization given his injury was suffered while playing for you.
Dead Money: 900k Cap Savings: 2.5 million

P Riley Dixon- As a Cuse fan this is the one I do not want to see happen as I actually think he is a solid punter who just happened to put in a subpar season at the worst possible time for him, financially speaking. Saving 3.25 million dollars while have a dead cap hit less than 500k, for a punter, who had a down year. A new GM will make that move every time. Dixon can punt, and has arm talent that can be used in trick play situations. Personally I extend his contract to lower the hit, too easy to replace and just cut that the new GM does so.
Dead Money: 325k Cap Savings: 2.8 Million

RB Devontae Booker- Played well, but a new GM will likely only see money saved. RB's like Booker are a dime a dozen so expect the Giants to quickly move on from Booker.
Dead Money: 1 million Cap Savings: 2 million

OLB Oshane Ximines- With Roche on the roster, who I think ideally the Giants will want to be their situational pass rusher guy already of the roster, on a cheaper rookie contract. Another player shopped that ultimately finds no suitors and is cut.
Dead Money: 200k Cap Savings: 1 million

S Logan Ryan- Convert 5 million in base salary into a bonus that pushes money into the 2023 season.
Cap Savings: 2022- 5 million, 2023- add 5 million

DT Leonard Williams- Convert 9 million of base salary in to bonus that pushes money into the 2023 season.
CAP savings: 2022- 9 million, 2023 loses 9 million.

WR Kenny Golladay- Convert 6 million of base salary into bonus that spreadsheet out over 2023, 2024 and 2025 seasons.
CAP savings: 2022- 6 million, 2023-2025 lose 2 million in space each.

CB Adoree Jackson- Convert 6 million of his base salary into a bonus that hits the cap next year.
CAP savings: 2022- 6 million, 2023 lose 6 million

*Not sure you can convert all base salary into a bonus paid player or whether or not some must hit the cap in the year the restructure is done. If not my numbers are high by 4 million in 2022, low by 4 million is 2023 (1 million the first year, the rest of the bonus hits the cap the following year).


K Graham Gano- 2 years/12 million (6 million guaranteed) [2.5, 6, 8]
Again with the current year left this is a 3 year 16.5 deal which is just over the 4.5 million Gano is making this year. He isn't going to sign for a number lower than that. His agent won't let that happen. The money is set up the Giants can save 2 million against next years cap hit if they cut him, if cut in the third year the Giants s save 6 million in space. Essentially this contract sets up to pay Gano and reward him in the third season should he want to give it another year or a nice parting gift should he choose to retire.
Cap Savings 2022: 1.5 million

CB James Bradberry- 3 years/ 48 million (20 million guaranteed) [15, 20, 20, 20]
I still believe Bradberry is a top flight CB so I would not be cutting him to recoup the cap savings. Instead I would be looking to extend him, lock him up for remainder of his good years and lower his cap hit this year.
Cap Savings 2022: 6 million

LB Blake Martinez- 3 years/ 30 million (15 million guaranteed) [8, 12, 12, 12]
Captain of the defense and a tackling machine. His loss due to injury likely had more to do with the defenses run defense progression last year if we are being honest. Austin Johnson played well, but Crowder is weak at point of contact and Ragland/McKinney/Smith are not on the same level as Martinez. May be a cap casualty due to price and injury, but I would extend him to reduce the number before I cut a core piece.
Cap Savings 2022: 6 million

CAP: 2022- 56.5 million, 2023- 30* million (Jones and Lawrence fifth year options will lower this if picked up be picked up), 2024- 178 million

S Julian Love for OG/T Cody Ford (Bills)
Schoen makes a deal with his former boss and swap back up players. Contracts are pretty similar. Both still young, but not starting players who are expendable pieces for both teams. McDermott is a DB guy so he will surely trade a failed O-line pick for a new toy to play with in his secondary. Beane is a smart GM so would likely see value in getting something in return for a player you might not be sure even has a spot on your roster going forward.

Franchise Tag:
TE Evan Engram- 1 year/ 11 million
Not a move I am projecting because I want to see it happen. A move I am projecting could happen. Yes, Engram has run afoul with the fans over drops, but in the NFL speed trumps much of everything. Engram is still young, still extremely athletic and has plenty of potential still. I don't see a new GM just letting that walk away. At 11 million, I would only tag him if I knew I could trade him. Force his hand to sign the tag, then ship him off (can trade tagged players for less than the two ones required if another team just flat out signs him) and his new team can worry about the new deal. I don't see Engram agreeing to a 1 year deal prior to FA for anything less than the Franchise Tag would cost (I mean why would he? Makes no sense), and I also can't see a new GM going ham on a long term deal for Engram. So the new GM uses the tag to retain Engram because again, he has speed that can't be taught.

UFA signed:

S Jabril Peppers (Giants)- 2 years/ 10 million (2.5 million guaranteed) [1, 9]
Really a 1 year 3 million dollar prove it deal that is written out as a 2 year deal for cap purposes. Handshake agreement again that should Peppers far outplay his deal the Giants will revisit his deal next offseason. He's certainly aware he doesn't play well and he will be a cap casualty next offseason that sees the bulk of guarantee come off next offseasons books. Now nothing says the new GM would have to rework the second year, but to go back on his word would be a bad precedent for the new gm. This only works if Peppers has little market given his injury and less than ideal play. I think he will get calls, but not sure he will hears the numbers he wants to.

LS Casey Kreiter (Giants)- 1 year/ vet minimum
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Outside UFA's:

QB Mitchell Trubisky (Bills)- 3 year/ 48 Million (10 million guaranteed) [8, 16, 24]
16 million a year suggest one thing, Schoen and Dabboll are not bringing in Trubisky to back up Daniel. Daniel's fourth year will see an open competition for his position. If Trubisky doesn't beat out Daniel in NY it will likely be back up or retire for Mitchell the rest of his career. Now an average of 16 million doesn't truly sniff QB money these days, but Trubisky is not going to be getting starter money elsewhere likely either. In fact bumping from 2.5 million to 16 million is absurd when written in plain terms. This deal will not be. The contract is written out so that little money carries over. Just 2 million is dead money should the Giants cut Trubisky next offseason. 38 of the remaining 40 million cap hit wise is voidable after the first year. 1 year, 10 million is the deal at it's core. The other years numbers are just fluff unless Trubisky wins the starting QB job.

NT Harrison Phillips (Bills)- 3 years/ 15 million (5 million guaranteed) [3, 5, 7]
Takes over for Austin Johnson. Personally, I would re-sign Austin Johnson, but with Schoen calling the shots I thought flipping Johnson for Phillips made more sense.

RB Chase Edmond (Cardinals)- 2 years/ 4 million (1 million guaranteed) [1, 3]
He may see a market, but good not great RB's rarely do. Still he is a good back who could certainly outperform this deal so if I could get him this cheap, I would.

WR Isaiah McKenzie (Bills)- 1 year/ 2 million (1 million guaranteed) [2]
With his OC now the new man in charge in NY and Shep a cap casualty McKenzie may see a chance for more snaps the other side of the state (yes I know the Giants play in Jersey...). Slayton is still on the roster, but you'd have to figure upon signing McKenzie would have the inside track to the #3 role behind Golladay and Toney. I don't see a market brewing for his services unless the Bills win the Super Bowl and he balls out the rest of the postseason, but he is a young player who was part of the Bills while Schoen and Daboll were there. Makes to much since not to have him be a signee.

LB Leighton Vander Esch (Cowboys)- 1 year/ 1 million
After his rookie year if you would have said he and Jaylon Smith would be Giants in 5 years most Giants fans would be excited to hear that. Now, his agent may not even get a call on the opening day of tampering. Goes with the the theme though. Cheap young players with potential.

C Scott Quessenberry (Chargers)- 1 year/ vet minimum
Is not currently starting for the Chargers, but started 9 games in 2019 and has played snaps for the Chargers every year so he's clearly not just some 53rd on the roster just collecting a check. Another cheap, flyer type signing.

OT Bobby Massie (Broncos)- 1 year/ vet minimum
At this point in his career sign to compete with Peart and an UDFA to be the back up swing tackle.

CB Levi Wallace (Bills)- 1 year/ vet minimum
Last Bill UFA signee, promise lol. Depth, no money signing.

S Daniel Sorenson (Chiefs)- 1 year/ vet minimum
Recently remembered for being picked on early this season. Sorenson is certainly not a player you want starting for you, but is smart and a solid ST guy. That's all you can really ask for from your 4th safety on cash strapped team.

CAP- 2022- 5-8 million after draft picks are signed and the practice squad is filled out, 2023- 15 million (possibly in the hole depending onif they pick up Jones and Dexter Lawrence options, and will lower with signing of draft picks), 2024- 147 million (will be lower than this once picks are signed and they are officially on the books for this year)

2022 NFL Draft:

3. OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon
In the running to be the #1 pick in the draft so it's probably a bit too far fetched to put Thibodeaux at #5, but he could get to #3. Aiden Hutchinson and Kenny Pickett's season has their names buzzing enter this offseason. I think Hutchinson goes to Jacksonville given he's got more to his frame than Kayvon. With Josh Allen already on the roster getting your version of JJ Watt has be appealing the the Jaguars. And I think Pickett is Detroit bound. My gut just says that Pickett and MCDC (Motor City Dan Campbell for you non Pat McAfee Show watchers) are going to hit it off in the interviews this draft offseason. Surely the Jets would spoil the Giants plan, but could the new GM finally have the Giants do the jumping instead of being the team that gets jumped? A fan can dream. #5, 3rd and 5th round pick allows the Giants to get in front on the Jets for Thibodeaux. If Thibodeaux goes #1 or #2 than I hope Karlaftis makes it to #5. I like him, but would rather not trade up if you can avoid it. Kayvon is Freeney whereas Karlaftis is Kerrigan. Both will be productive pros, but outside of Washington I think most fans would take Dwight over Ryan if given the chance.

7. OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa
Ideally you could trade down from #7 with someone like Minnesota at #12, recoup picks to make up for trading up to #3, but unless Kenny Pickett slides to #5 I am not sure the Giants will be able trade down with a team looking for a QB. Drop too far and you lose your man. Penning has the ability to rotate his hips and move people. Granted he is playing at smaller level of competition than say someone like Evan Neal is, it still takes raw power to be able to move large bodies with ease like that. Has an nasty streak. Think he starts day 1 opposite Thomas and whoever is QB can breathe easier when dropping back. Still need to fix the interior, but the tackles are now set for the foreseeable future. Penning over Neal just to make ClayfromBrooklyn fail this mock on the spot. Plus Neal doesn't play as hard as Penning does. I said what I said. Fight me lol.

2nd. OG Ikem Ekwonu, NC State
When I see Ekwonu play I feel like I am watching the next Kelechi Osmele. He can play OT, but he can be an all-pro LG in the NFL who packs one of the most powerful "punches" in the league. Honestly if Thibodeaux and Karlaftis are gone by #5 I would be ok with taking Ekwonu #5 and Penning #7. However, buzz wise Ekwonu is getting mid to late first round chatter at the moment. However, there is always one offensive lineman who was thought to be a first round guy that last to the 2nd round. Osmele, Will Hernandez, Cody Ford are just examples of these prospects. Hopefully for the Giants it is Ekwonu. If the Giants stand pat at #5 and #7, I would think about coming up to secure Ekwonu should he be available.

3rd TE Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State
Likely a early second round pick, possibly late first, had Ohio State better utilized the TE position. If he slips until the third round the Giants will be wise to snatch him up. Even if they re-sign Engram the TE needs to be overhauled for the future as Engram likely isn't in NY for long now that he is 2 regimes removed from when he was drafted. Ruckert has the size, speed and hands to have a Grint like impact on a offense.

4th. OC Alec Lindstrom, Boston College
Was thought of a potential day 2 guy, but the scouting community seems to be souring on Lindstrom thinking he will not reach the level of play as his older brother Chris Lindstrom, a starting G for the Falcons. I think he has the potential be the steal of this draft and a mainstay at OC for the Giants for next decade.

5. NT John Ridgeway, Arkansas
Big body who could spill Phillips for a snap here or there early in his career. Can't be expecting much more from your 5th rounders than that. Anything more than a spot player for a mid to late day 3 pick is a bonus.

6. RB Kevin Marks, Jr.
I went to UB. Why he is a mainstay in my mocks lol.

7. P John Haggerty, Western Kentucky
With Dixon gone a new punter is needed

53 man roster:
QB: Daniel Jones, Mitchell Trubisky
RB: Saquon Barkley, Chase Edmonds, Gary Brightwell, Kevin Marks Jr.
WR: Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Isaiah McKenzie, Darius Slayton, Austin Mack
TE: Evan Engram, Jeremy Ruckert, Kaden Smith
OT: Andrew Thomas, Trevor Penning, Bobby Massie
OG: Ikem Efonwu, Cody Ford, Shane Lemieux, Ben Bredeson
OC: Alec Lindstrom, Scott Quessenberry

DE: Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence, Raymond Johnson, Niko Lalos
NT: Harrison Phillips, John Ridgeway
OLB: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Azeez Ojulari, Quincy Roche, Elerson Smith, Cam Brown
ILB: Blake Martinez, Tae Crowder, Leighton Vander Esch, Carter Coughlin
CB: James Bradberry, Adoree Jackson, Darnay Holmes, Aaron Robinson, Roderick Williams, Levi Wallace
S: Logan Ryan, Xavier McKinney, Jabril Peppers, Daniel Sorenson

K: Graham Gano
P: John Haggerty
LS: Casey Kreiter

51 of 53, 2 more offensive players if you're trying to balance it out 25 offense, 25 defense, 3 special teams players. No law says you have to be split evenly, bit left 2 spots open for guys Daboll has either worked with or wanted to work with on offense. Numbers may be off as I rushed this together more than usual. Wanted to beat the announcement of a new GM which seems to be close.

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