My two cents

What a season. I did something this year that I swore I would never do. I turned a game off before it was over. When I was a kid we had one TV in the house, and my father and I would watch the games. Only it was the Dave Brown/Danny Kannell era, and besides Rodney Hampton there wasn't much to look forward to. Especially since the LT and Simms era was not that long ago. I was too young to really know the LT/Simms era outside of stories. Probably helped me be able to cope with the era of losing that followed. My dad on the other hand would sometimes get so angry he would turn the channel, and I would miss the end of the game. Made me so angry he would turn it that once I got my own TV and control of it I watched every game. Start to finish so long as they were on. No matter how bad it got. Well, now that we are in my adult generations version of the Danny Kannell/Dave Brown era it finally happened. I turned a game off before it was over. Slightly different as I turned it off of my phone, and my kids didn't have to miss the end of what they waited all week to be disappointed by. But still, midway through the Dallas game off it went. I didn't even bother to turn the last two games on. I saw the QB sneak fiasco after the fact. For my TV/phones sake that's probably for the best...

It honestly had gotten so bad that I didn't even want to do mock offseasons. Which is my ultimate favorite thing to do. Even had a back and forth with the infamous TarkentontoJones earlier this year about how I wasn't just doing mocks because they were a bad team. That I just liked doing them. Well Mr. T2J, the Giants officially got even worse than what you described as happening. They became so inept it took away my joy for mocking. As someone who picks on his friends, and plays Madden just to build a roster and sim the season in franchise mode, I did not think this possible. Tis not fun...

Early in the season I made a couple mocks. Predicted Getty retiring, and Garrett being gone before season was over. I kept projecting Judge to stay, and maybe that was me being a bit naive as I like Judge as a coach. Like, not liked. However, the back to back QB sneaks is a gutless call that ultimately is beyond hypocritical. Last year, after Philly rolled over on the game to tank for a higher pick Judge went on this long rant about how his team would never do that. One year later and he had his team roll over like a labrador when he had them call back to back QB sneaks. Runs would have been bad enough. QB sneaks, not even QB Draws. Pathetic. A Dan Orlovsky running out of the end zone safety is less embarrassing. I still think Judge can be a good coach, but after watching that replay I am ok with cleaning house full scale. Hopefully, the new coach gives Graham a fair shake at the DC job. I still think he is a heck of a coach who can call a good defense. Just hard to be competitive consistently when you're other half is as bad as the Giants offense has been.

Now, Getty paid the price for his own decisions, but ultimately the reason the Giants are in the position they are now goes back to 2006. Ernie Accorsi retired and the Giants turned to a hot young GM candidate over the other long time employee who was in the running. As a fan of Getty, which I am sure sounds funny to read someone saying about themselves (especially now), I think had he gotten the job in 2007 he'd be retiring now on a much better note. During his time in Carolina he drafted or signed Trai Turner, Andrew Norwell, Darryl Williams, Taylor Moton, Ryan Kalil. Compare that to the line Jerry Reese built in that same time frame which was Justin Pugh, Weston Richburg, Ereck Flowers, Bobby Hart, John Jerry. From 2007-2013 Reese big offensive line investments were Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe and David Baas. The studs of that time were Accorsi guys (Snee, Diehl, O'Hara, Seubert, MacKenzie), and people wonder why Eli seemed to decline quicker than Rivers and Big Ben. He didn't, his line was just way worst than theirs. Chargers fans may argue, but side by side comparisons and Rivers line was superior at the end of their careers. No doubt in my mind. Eli, although not my ideal QB, was still a QB capable of winning had he had competent line in front of him when his finals years were wasted by the organization.

That decision in 2007, by domino effect, also led to the firing of TC in 2015 when the rot of a roster Reese had put together showed it's true warts. McAdoo is another coach I think could ultimately be a good coach, but was done in by a poor roster. Not even a poor roster. A poor o-line unit. That 2016 team got by on defense and OBJ making miracles happen on offense. That is not a recipe for long term success. Again, Ben made his fair share of mistakes as big man in charge, but with a competent o-line I think his tenure looks vastly different. Finally in 2017 Mara gave Reese the axe, 2 years too late. Instead of blowing it fully up, and going outside the reaches of the Giants organization. He tried to rewrite history, and go with Getty now. It clearly did not work out.

Although I am not sure many, if anybody, could have successfully taken over for Reese and McAdoo. Given that you would be handcuffed by an organization hell bent on sending out Eli a winner while simultaneously having to rebuild an organization that had gone awry under the previous regime. That was going to be a tall task for anyone to accomplish as in order to complete the task you would have had to successfully flip 5 of the 5 starting Oline members that first offseason. I believe Minnesota had done so the year prior to Getty getting the gig, but seriously that is not something you can bank on being able to do. Remaking an entire oline group from players not on the roster. Getty tried to get his prized UDFA in Carolina (Norwell) to come and spearhead that transition, but he was spurned. From that moment the writing was on the walls for Getty. In 4 years, he was only able to fix 1 of the 5. Thomas didn't even look like he was 1 of 5 after his rookie year, but now Getty can officially claim 1 of 5 as Thomas looks to be a stud and good pick at #4. 1 out of 5 in 4 does not a good ratio make.

That doom and gloom being said I still think Judge could have won in NY, DJ will win in NY and Barkley's star will once again shine bright in NY. Once the Giants fix their offensive offensive line. First, they need to get it right at GM. I want to take a moment to stand up for Kevin Abrams even though he has been told no again. In 1998, the Giants hired their Assistant General Manager who helped George Young oversee the bleak final years of his hall of fame career. Sounds pretty familiar eh? Abrams, an assistant GM during a bad time in Giants football. Just because he is here, does not mean hiring him would continue the downtrodden ways. Abrams never had final say in his time in NY so it is not fair to cast the Giants shadow onto his future. He could be a great GM who just happens to be the CAP guru for the wrong guy. He could suck. He deserved a fair shake. He did not get it.

The media seems to be enthralled with the word nepotism these days when it comes to describing the Giants. The Giants are in trouble because this Mara does that, and that Mara has this job. Honestly, that is a bunch of white noise if you ask me. The problem has been and continues to be the offensive line. Whoever the Giants hire to be the GM needs to get that corrected or it will not matter who they hire as coach, or what other tweaks to the roster/scouting department they make. Even if you move on from Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley like some fans want, it will not matter. You continue to field a bad o-line unit, and the Giants poor play of the recent past will continue on in the near future. And the Giants will again be looking for a new GM and coach...

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