A Draft for Clay - Offensive Line Bonanza

I couldn’t agree more with Clay’s previous post, except at TE. The Giants need 2 quality TEs. Right now, they have none. I want 2 In line blocking TEs. None of this hybrid crap. We learned our lesson with Engram. Here’s the draft that fixes a whole lot of problems. This was done at PFF, but I’ve been able to do similar things on the other draft simulators. One reasonable trade down with Denver who took QB Kenny Pickett. Pretty realistic simulation.

I’m looking for 3 starting OL, and I want a 4th developmental pick. Odds are one of the 3 won’t work out, and there are always injuries.

I think the sweet spot in this draft is the 2nd - 4th round. This may be the deepest draft in history. There are day 1 starters to be found all the way into the 4th round. The draft board lays out perfectly to fix a lot of glaring needs.

5. Evan Neal OT Alabama. I’m going best OT available here. If Neal isn’t available (probably not) I’m going with Cross or Ekwonu. AT needs a bookend. I’m not trading this one. I’m not leaving round 1 without 2 starters on the OL and one is my new RT.

7. Trade with Denver for 9, 43 & 60. I want Linderbaum, so I’m not going lower than 12. The Broncos take Pickett, and the trade value is reasonable. This trade could really happen. I didn’t want to be greedy and get an unrealistic trade value. I’m trying to keep this real.

9. Tyler Linderbaum C Iowa. 2 starting OL down, 1 to go. If Linderbaum got taken, I’m still going best OL available. There’s plenty. I’d even grab an OT here and move the loser of the RT competition to OG. Kenyon Green wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize. I’d have no problem taking 2 of Neal, Ekwonu and Cross.

37. Edge Arnold Ebiketie Penn State. - Tempted by a bunch of OL, but there’s still #40. Another pass rusher is more than welcome.

40. G Zion Johnson Boston College - Bummed that Kinnard got picked by the Jets. Passing on Raimann. Too raw. Zion is plug and play. I got greedy going for the edge rusher and got bit. Still, this guy checks the boxes.

60. TE Jalen Wydermyer Texas A&M - Now this guy is a TE. Blocking, receiving, size, speed. Maybe the next Bavaro?

69, LB Leo Chenal Wisconsin - Say hello to our new Mike LB. I like Martinez and I hope he makes it back. He’s got a big cap number and the Giants have zero space.

79. TE Jeremy Ruckert Ohio State - A little more power than Wydermyer, but still a receiving threat. Throwing from 12 personnel has the highest EVA of any formation. Even if all my OL picks pan out, it’s going to take a season to get 4 new starters playing as a unit. 2 blocking TEs are a must.

109. Skyy Moore WR Western Michigan - the giants need another target.

146. LB Darrian Beavers Cincinnati I have a hard time believing he’d still be available in a real draft. The guy is fast, he can cover, and we’ve had a hole at Will LB for years. Another starter?

170. RB TJ Pledger Utah - we need some talent at RB

183. Jarrett Patterson C Notre Dame - developmental pick and depth on the IOL.

There you have it. In the sims I’ve been running on multiple websites, I generally wind up with a similar haul. Without trades, my first 3 picks are OL, and my 3rd rounder is a TE.

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