Careful When Signing Star QB's

I can't help but find a cautionary tale in Dallas giving Prescott a huge contract. Might be something to consider should the Giants pull off a trade for another "star QB" in the near future (Watson who has criminal issues, Rodgers who is clearly unhinged).

Here is the latest sign that the Cowboys overpaid him:

Cowboys vs 49ers: Dallas fans throw trash at the refs after heartbreaking NFL playoff loss; Dak Prescott says 'credit to them' (

If you don't want to click on the link, it's about how after the game ended Cowboy fans threw trash where the players and officials were exiting the field. Here is the money shot:

Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence could be seen batting away an object that was about to hit him, although he later told reporters that it was aimed at the officials.

When star quarterback Dak Prescott was asked about the fans' actions, he initially expressed his disappointment thinking that they were directing their anger at the players.

But when he was informed the trash was aimed at the referees, Prescott's message changed: "Credit to them."

To be clear here: Prescott's execution of a poorly timed play led to the clock expiring before he could stop it by grounding the ball.

It was nobody else's fault - he owned that.

At the end of the game the Cowboys fans were rightfully upset at both their team - for scoring so few points - and the Officials for what they felt like was a dubious call.

Meanwhile, up in the broadcast booth Tony Romo said that it was the fault of the Cowboys calling the play, and Prescott's execution of it.

Prescott failed to understand two other very important things here:

1. Some of the trash was meant for him and his teammates as the fans were upset with them too.

2. It is never a good idea to encourage fans to shower anyone - officials or players - with trash. Not under any circumstances.

Pile those two examples of his stupidity on top of his inability to realize it was his fault for running too far/long and not leaving enough time for the Umpire to get up to the line and spot the ball and it's clear that Dak is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Romo said everyone knows the Umpire has to get there and spot the ball, the O cannot spot it and snap it without him doing so.

My friends who are Cowboy fans are hanging that tough loss on McCarthy and Prescott. McCarthy can (and likely will) be fired but Dak is going to be there for three more years, taking up a huge chunk of their salary cap.

Let's hope the Giants don't do the same with another big name QB.

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