How to a strong 2022 draft and a potential extra, top 10 2023 draft pick

We will all agree the Giants need a lot of help and can't solve for this in one draft. Though I am not sure if Daniel Jones can be the long term answer, I also am not convinced drafting a QB with one of our two 1st round picks is the answer. I continue to believe we need to try and make a run at either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in the 1st round of the 2023 draft. This will either have to result in another disaster 2023 and top 2nd or 3rd pick or the packaging of 2023, and potentially 2024 first round picks.

In this proposed mock draft the Giant's keep their #5 pick, but trade #7 to the Houston Texans for their #37, 2nd round, and #68, 3rd round, picks, and their 2023 first round pick. This 2023 will serve as significant draft capital to make a move for Young or Stroud.

With the extra picks from Houston in 2022, here is what the new GM and HC do over the first 3 rounds.

We do not fix everything in this draft, but we are improved and in a strong position going into 2023. If Jones breaks out in 2023 than maybe we go into another direction, but this feels like a good insurance plan to me. Thoughts?

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