NY’s Other Team

Wow! Bills opening drive! I hope Mara and Tisch are watching! Maybe this is what Met Life stadium May become if they hire Joe Schoen as General Manager and Brian Daboll as Head Coach!

Ok Josh Allen is Josh Allen. But we know Daniel Jones is mobile and can make things happen with his feet. Imagine if DJ had someone sharp like Daboll drawing things up for him?

No excuses for doing two QB sneaks last week, that was just embarrassing. But we did get hammered by injuries. We all know that health is everything in sports, but it may be most important in football. If and when you can get 11 players to stay healthy… then you can develop that chemistry and camaraderie that is so necessary on the gridiron!

If I was Schoen and Daboll, I would use one of our #1’s and trade down with the second #1 for extra picks. With that high pick…I’d select the BPA of either Oline, Edge, or Dt/Nt. With our second #1, hopefully Linderbaum would still be available.

In our first 5 picks, I believe we need to draft at least 3 offensive linemen. We’ve got Thomas at LT and I think Brederson could be serviceable at one of the Guard spots. I’d also hire Buffalo’s Assistant Oline Coach to be our Head Oline Coach. He’s young, but a former Patriots Olinemen who was well coached. I then also have Pat Flaherty be our Assistant Oline Coach to guide/mentor.

On defense, hopefully Schoen and Daboll could retain Graham as Defensive Coordinator. Perhaps with more pressure on the opponent’s QB and our offense actually being able to score, we could do some damage.

BTW this Buffalo offense is something else. I knew it was good, but this start is very impressive. And how many "studs" does Buffalo have on offense? Two? Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs at WR. The other nine are good, but this strong system brings out the best in the other 9 starters. I mean I think the Bills may have former Giants Olinemen Bobby Hart starting? I think.

With the right executive and coaching selections we could be back in it NEXT year! Because things have been bad the last five years and ESPECIALLY bad the last 6 weeks of this season things do look bleak. But Mara and Tisch did the right thing with Getty and Judge and they’ve interviewed knowledgeable and experienced NFL executives from winning franchises.

We can do this Big Blue!!!

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