The path forward…

The Giants are in full blown rebuilding mode. The roster has little talent as evidenced by not a single player making the Pro Bowl.

What to do:

1. Don’t extend Daniel Jones. He hasn’t shown enough to justify it. If he plays well in 2022, the Giants can always sign him as a free agent. He’s also going to be damaged goods by the end of the 2022 season. Even if the new GM pulls in 3 quality linemen in the draft, it’s going to take a season for all of them to learn the game. The line is going to suck again. DJ is going to be physically beaten, but he’s also going to be mentally gone. 4 seasons of losing and being under siege in the pocket will have ruined any chance of being successful. There will be too much mental scar tissue to fix.

2. Try and trade Barkley and get what they can. He’s not going to win the Giants any games in 2022. Maybe he can salvage his career somewhere else. What a shame.

3. Start building the foundation for the next franchise QB. Truly fix the offensive line. The Giants should invest 3 high picks this year to do it. They should walk out of the draft with 3 rookie starters and a 4th developmental OL. And next year, add more if they didn’t get it right with this years draft. The offensive line makes the whole team better. The QB has time to make his reads - and he stays healthy. RBs have bigger holes to run through. WRs have more time to get open. The defense is rested and playing with a lead.

4. Find a GM and Head Coach that can first and foremost evaluate talent. The Giants grossly over value their players. Gettleman and Judge were happy with the OL? They thought Peart and Hernandez were good? Paying L Williams like he’s an All Pro? The crazy contract for Golladay? This wasn’t all on Gettleman. The coaching staffs have plenty of input into player acquisition.

5. After they fix the offensive line, get some cornerstone players. Currently, they have 1 - Andrew Thomas. They obviously need a QB, but he shouldn’t set foot in a game unless the OL is solid. Get a stud WR, a lockdown CB and a serious pass rusher.

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