Giants are going to blow it again. Hire a HC and let him hire his own GM.

Hiring a GM with Gil, franchise control, so he hires the HC and has full control of the roster. This method transformed the perennial losing franchise into BIG BLUE. But failing to evolve or be open to other ways t9 run the franchise hierarchy can leave you behind and turn you back into perennial losers.

That’s the dilemma facing the Giants and now is the time to make an exception. Hire a HC and let him hire his own GM. The idea is to get the franchise the best or highest probability leader possible to run the show Someone with a significant proven history of experience and success in the NFL.

DOUG PEDERSEN, IMHO, is exactly the guy you want. He’s exactly the guy you want making the decision to keep Jones or not. Problem is Doug got sick of his GM sending him a terrible roster and QB to work with so the team offers him full control, basically hiring his own GM, but retaining control of the roster and draft will get him.

Like I said Pedersen is the type of experienced proven leader the Giants need to turn the franchise around for the next 10-20 years. Losing him because you have always hired the GM first is not wrong but not right it’s been successfully done both ways in the NFL. Failure to evolve, make absolutely any change to how you’ve always done things makes you


I haven’t done an extensive search to find the best person to lead the franchise, regardless of whether it’s the GM or HC. Because IMO Pedersen is one of the easiest layups I’ve ever seen and they don’t come around often Don’t blow this, just hire him before he’s gone

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